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Standard I: Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Appendix 1.5 IU SLIS Yearly Planning Cycle

To: IU SLIS Faculty
From: Jean Preer and Alice Robbin
IU SLIS Long Range Planning Committee
Re: IU SLIS Yearly Planning Cycle

Following the progress report presented by the IU SLIS Long Range Planning Committee at the spring faculty meeting on April 11, 2007, committee members met to develop a planning cycle for the academic year. In the Planning Timetable, dated 22 February 2007, we looked at how planning is done at SLIS and identified each of the school’s planning points. In the proposed Planning Cycle, we have arranged those planning points chronologically through the academic year and assigned responsibility for various planning functions. We begin with general principles that guided our work. In June 2007, we submitted an initial draft to Dean Blaise Cronin, Associate Deans Ralf Shaw (IUB) and Marilyn Irwin (IUPUI), and incoming Associate Dean Howard Rosenbaum (IUB). A revised version, incorporating their suggestions, was discussed at the meeting of the Faculty Policy Council on October 17, 2007. This version includes additional changes resulting from that discussion.


Planning is a year-round function involving all groups in the SLIS constituency.

Planning is built-in rather than added-on to the existing SLIS structure and schedule.

Planning is synchronized within the year-round calendar of school activities.

Responsibility for planning is put in the hands of SLIS offices, committees, and professional staff most directly connected to decision making in its given area.

The planning process emphasizes information sharing and coordination among the Dean, the Associate Deans, the SLIS Faculty Policy Council, standing committees, and the professional staff at IUB and IUPUI, with the Associate Dean (IUB) responsible for general coordination.

Because of different planning requirements at IUB and at IUPUI, a unified SLIS planning cycle is meant to foster collaboration between the two campuses.



SLIS standing committees will devote part of the first meeting of the academic year to measuring progress, establishing goals (both short-and long-term) and reporting them to the Associate Dean at IUB and the Faculty Policy Council.

The fall SLIS faculty meeting will review school-wide goals and raise topics that might be considered by standing committees.

Input related to career trends and the library/information environment will be solicited at meetings of school advisory committees and relayed to the Associate Dean (IUB) who will report trends and share information with appropriate committees.

Professional staff will compile data to submit to COA and ALISE; the Associate Dean (IUB) will share relevant information with the appropriate committees.


The Dean will present the school’s progress and plans when meeting with senior university administrators.

The Dean and the Associate Dean (IUPUI) will present a state-of-the-school update at the spring SLIS faculty meeting, including progress in meeting school-wide goals. The reports of standing committees will include progress in their areas.

SLIS staff will encourage graduates to participate in the Library Journal survey. The Associate Dean (IUB) will share survey information with the appropriate committees.


The Dean and Associate Dean (IUB) will gather and synthesize data on goals and progress to aid committees in measuring progress and establishing goals in the fall.

Throughout the year

Faculty will share ideas and concerns with the Associate Dean (IUB), the Faculty Policy Council, and appropriate committees.

The Dean and Associate Deans at IUB and IUPUI will solicit feedback at informal gatherings with students.

SLIS representatives, including faculty and administrators, will gather feedback from alumni at professional conferences (e.g., ALA, ASIST, SLA, MLA, AALL) and through informal contacts and will relay it to the Associate Dean (IUB) who will share it with appropriate committees.