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Standard II: Curriculum

Appendix 2.5: List of Special Topics Courses (Fall 2007-Fall 2011)

List of Special Topics Courses (Fall 2007-Fall 2011)
If course has been offered more than one time, the most recent is noted.

Courses offered in Bloomington

S603 – Workshop in Library and Information Science
Simpson (Fall 2011) Processing Manuscript Collections
Abdul-Mageed (Summer II 2011) Python
Bowman (Summer II 2011) PHP
Harrison (Summer II 2011) Circulating Collections Conservation
Jones (Summer II 2011) Early Literacy
Liss (Summer II 2011) Metadata Object Description
Ramlo (Summer II 2011) Podcasting
Tweedy (Summer II 2011) AJAX
Warren (Summer II 2011) XML
Yu (Summer II 2011) Text Processing with Perl
Ekbia (Summer I 2011) Agent-based Modeling
Ekbia (Summer I 2011) Introduction to Geographic Information
Jones (Summer I 2011) Advanced Storytelling
Porter/Simpson (Summer I 2011) Encoded Archival Description
Ramlo (Summer I 2011) FLASH
Ramlo (Summer I 2011) Web Graphics
Vought (Summer I 2011) Grantwriting for Librarians
Zoss (Summer I 2011) Emerging Technology and Libraries
Dekydtspotter (Spring 2011) Introduction to Rare Book Cataloging
Jones (Spring 2011) Storytelling
East (Summer II 2010) Internet Marketing
Riley (Summer II 2010) Metadata Object Description Schema
Yu (Summer II 2010) Perl/CGI
Silver (Fall 2009) Introduction to Rare Books and Manuscripts
Penumarthy (Summer II 2009) FLEX
Cox (Summer I 2009) Intermediate Unix
Clodfelter (Summer II 2008) Grantwriting for Public Libraries
Clodfelter (Summer II 2008) Grantwriting for Academic Libraries
East (Summer I 2008) Search Engine and Internet Marketing

S604 – Topics in Library and Information Science
Bantin (Fall 2011) History of Archives and Recordkeeping
Bantin (Fall 2011) Advanced Appraisal for Archives
Bantin (Fall 2011) Advanced Archival Access
Bowman (Fall 2011) Web Programming II
Casey (Fall 2011) Audio Preservation
Ekbia (Fall 2011) Health Information Management
Milojevic (Fall 2011) Information Networks
Bishop (Summer II 2011) Social Networking Technologies and Libraries
Bantin (Summer I 2011) Advanced Appraisal
Bowman (Summer I 2011) Social Networking
Holman (Summer I 2011) Public Library Programming
Silver (Summer I 2011) Rare Book Curatorship
Bantin (Spring 2011) Electronic Description of Archival Materials
Bantin (Spring 2011) Public Programming for Historical Organizations and Archives
Bantin (Spring 2011) Technology Issues in Archives
Ding (Spring 2011) Metadata and Semantics
Kowalczyk (Spring 2011) Digital Curation
Sugimoto (Spring 2011) Scholarly Communication
Walsh (Spring 2011) Digital Humanities
Paolillo (Spring 2010) Online Social Networks
Casey (Fall 2009) Audio Preservation Principles and Practice
Choksy (Fall 2009) Records Management
Ekbia (Fall 2009) Modeling and Simulation of Social and Organizational Behavior
Paolillo (Fall 2009) Statistics for Information Science and Usability
Silver (Fall 2009) Reference Sources for Medieval Manuscripts
Bantin (Spring 2009) Oral History
Bantin (Fall 2008) Audio-Visual Archives
Day (Spring 2008) The Philosophy and Critical Theory of Information.

S629 – Topics in Information Sources and Services
Silver (Spring 2011) Reference Sources Rare Books
Cheun (Spring 2010) Slavic Bibliography

Courses offered in Indianapolis
S603 – Workshop in Library and Information Science

Johnson (Fall 2011) Flash Multimedia Workshop
Johnson (Fall 2011) Teaching and Learning at a Distance
Jones (Fall 2011) Early Literacy
Lamb (Fall 2011) High Tech Learning
Frye (Summer 2011) Grant Writing
Lamb (Summer 2011) Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults
Baugh (Spring 2009) Storytelling
Lamb (Spring 2009) Electronic Media for Children and Young Adults
Bloomfield (Fall 2008) Youth Services Librarianship- Storytelling
Johnson (Summer 2008) Flash Studio
Tilley (Spring 2007) Grant Writing for Educators and Librarians

S604 – Topics in Library and Information Science
Holman (Fall 2011) Public Library Services
Lipinski (Fall 2011) Legal Issues in Libraries
Schilling (Fall 2011) Leadership Forum
Choksy (Spring 2011) Records Management
Schilling (Spring 2011) Consumer Health Informatics