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Minutes of SLIS Alumni Association Board Meeting

SLIS Alumni Association Board Meeting

Friday, Sept. 9, 2011
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

In attendance: Dean Ralph Shaw, Jennifer Gentry, Lorelle Swader, Vicky Martin, Sarah Burton, Jacob Nadal, Howard Rosenbaum, Tom Lipinski, with Pat Court, James Wiser, and Rachel Slough attending via telephone.

I. Welcome Remarks and Introductions

Jacob Nadal called to order the regular meeting of the SLIS Alumni Board at 1:05 p.m. on 9/9/2011 in Indianapolis, IN.

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting

The minutes were approved as written. Motion by James Wiser, seconded by Pat Court.

III. Student Reports

Carrie, the president of the Student Chapter of ALA, spoke to the group about some of the activities they’ve been involved in this year. They organized several events including a tour of North Manchester at the end of September and hosting an event for the Book Band. There is a speaker in October about gains in libraries where a children’s librarian will speak to the group. There was a faculty brown bag lecture where Bill Weare offered tips on how to get involved with ALA as a professional. They are also planning a career forum with Phi Beta Kappa.

They are also involved with a beginning of the year party on Sept. 17 at Oliver Chen’s house. This will involve many organizations that provide activities for all student groups on campus.

Lorelle Swader volunteered to speak to the student groups anytime.

Last year, the goals of these groups were to spread the word that they exist on campus. The IUPUI group is very involved and focuses primarily on volunteering.

IV. SLIS Alumni Events & Activities – Sarah Burton

Sarah provided a handout of the 2011 events since our last meeting.

The ILF conference dates are different than previously reported –the alumni reception is now set for Nov. 14 from 6:30-8 p.m.

There is a new Student Chapter (Students of Music Librarianship) recently formed. Student groups receive $200 from the Bloomington campus’ budget to use within certain guidelines. Currently, this is money is not available for the IUPUI student groups. The student chapters on the Bloomington campus fall under the Student Activities Office. Many of these groups charge modest membership dues that are used for their programming. The $200 from the School provides additional money to supplement their activities.

The SLIS Network magazine should be mailed on/before mid-October. This board was asked to participate in the spring issue.

Expenses for alumni receptions (with no travel expenses included) total around $12,000.

V. IU Foundation Report – Vicky Martin

50% of Vicky’s time goes to support the fundraising efforts of SLIS. Vicky had face-to-face meetings with 66 people since Jan. 2011 (half of which were SLIS alumni/donors).

Vicky is proud to report that $8,500 has been raised for SLIS from July 1 – Sept. 6, 2011. While this figure is down from this time last year, the number of donors is holding steady – they are just giving less.

Vicky intends to do a mailing for the IUPUI campus sometime in early Nov. The IUPUI campus does not currently have an annual giving donor base yet, so she’s hoping to kick start this program. This solicitation will include a choice of all 5 accounts – General, Diversity, Law Library, University Services, and Unrestricted.

She is working on making a “Give Now” button more friendly and hopes to have a drown down box for all 5 accounts.

Update on the Indianapolis campaign: So far, it’s slow, but things are progressing and they may have a major donor in the wings. Right now, they are fundraising for a Graduate Scholarship for Diversity and an anonymous donor has offered a $5,000 match.

VI. IU Alumni Association Report – Jennifer Gentry

Jennifer Gentry presented the SLIS Alumni Association budget and mentioned that due to the bad economy, the IUAA has had to reduce all School budgets by 10%.

The number of SLIS alumni who are paid IUAA members is now at 739, down 3 since June 30, 11. The overall percentage of membership is 10.85%.

Jennifer shared that the IUAA has hired a new Alumni Events and Services Coordinator, Erin Bruce. Erin will be working with Jennifer and the SLIS AA board on all alumni activities.

VII. SLIS, IUPUI Report – Executive Association Dean, Tomas Lipinski

Tom Lipinski reported that they are moving forward with the student commons area project on the 3rd floor. There have been delays, but they are now back on track. Construction is set to begin in the next month or so.

They had a faculty retreat which focused on brainstorming on an online MLS degree component. The consensus of the faculty is to move forward with this and they are hoping to by online by next fall.

They are down 3-400 credit hours and are trying to figure out why. They are confident that the online courses will increase this.

VIII. SLIS, Bloomington Report – Interim Dean Ralf Shaw

Ralf Shaw reported that the Bloomington campus enrollment remained steady with 142 students (148 has been the highest). The overall campus has had another record enrollment year so many seniors are still there.

She gave an update on the re-accreditation and said that the commitment to online courses at IUPUI is helpful to the process. Online courses increase the reach of the school which is a really positive thing. The next steps are for the faculty’s masters statements to be sent to the Chair of the External Committee by Nov. 2011. The accreditation team will visit both campuses at the end of March, 2012 and they are shooting for a final decision in June, 2012. She expressed her appreciation for the support of the Alumni Board throughout this process.

IX. Committee Reports – Distinguished Alumni Awards – James Wiser

James reported that the revised criteria for the Distinguished Alumni Awards are now done (handouts provided). The next step is to put a call out for nominees. James will approach members of this alumni board to serve on the committee to review nominees with the goal to vote at the spring board meeting. Typically, the award is given at the ALA conference in the summer, but this can be flexible depending on the recipient’s availability.

X. Committee Reports – Executive Council – Lorelle Swader

The IUAA Executive Council was held in conjunction with the Volunteer Leaders Conference on June 17-18, 2011. Lorelle was the only representative from the SLIS alumni board in attendance and she really encouraged more to attend.

The IUAA has restructured the Executive Council and volunteer leaders are now serving on Committees that align with the 9 areas of Functional Excellence. Lorelle serves on the Advocacy Committee. Committees are designed to help the IUAA shape future alumni programming. Handouts from the weekend are provided.

The IUAA is reviewing how all Distinguished Alumni Awards are done for all schools. They are hoping to get a better sense of who awards their alumni, when, and in what format.

The new IUAA website was revealed. It is more transparent and easier to find things. Please be sure to visit that site at

One of the sessions focused on how to engage people of different generations most effectively. The IUAA is trying to be more intentional in the way they communicate with alumni in an effort to increase engagement and offer better experiences overall. Lorelle spoke out and encouraged J T. Forbes to focus more on graduate level students.

XI. New Business

New Board Members: James Wiser brought forth the names of two potential new Board members – Bill Crowe and Carrie Donovan.

Bill Crowe, PhD’86 and 2004 recipient of the SLIS Distinguished Alumni Award, is the former Dean of Libraries at Kansas. He lives in Kansas and has family in Indiana.
Carrie Donovan, BA’98, MLS’99, currently lives in Bloomington, IN and works as the Instructional Services Librarian at IU Bloomington.

Motion to approve both candidates – James Wiser; Seconded by Rachel Slough. Both Approved. Their board terms are from July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2014.

James will try to find a Public Librarian and an IS/Special Libraries from IUPUI. Please send any recommendations of potential board members to Jacob Nadal. Jacob will serve as the chair of the Nominating Committee in lieu of the Vice President since that position is currently vacant.

IUPUI Reception: Monique Sims offered a brief report about the alumni reception that was held on April 29, 2011 to introduce Tom Lipinski as the new Executive Associate Dean at IUPUI. The event was well attended with about 35 in attendance. Monique is working on future events for SLIS-IUPUI alumni, hoping to host something yet this fall.

Thank you letters: Pat Court offered a suggestion that Jacob send thank you letters to Courtney Greene, Christina Bennett-McNew, and Blanche Wools for their dedicated service on the alumni board. A motion was put forward by Pat; seconded by James. Motion carried.

XII. Adjournment

Jacob Nadal adjourned the meeting at 3:55 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jennifer Gentry in lieu of the board secretary who could not attend this meeting.


SLIS Alumni Association Board Meeting

Friday, April 29, 2011
1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

In attendance: Dean Ralph Shaw, Jennifer Gentry, Courtney Greene, Pat Court, James Wiser, Lorrelle Swader, Vickie Martin, Sarah Burton, Jacob Nadel, Howard Rosenbaum, Tammy Schnell with Neal Starkey and Christina Bennett-McNew attending via telephone.

I. Welcome Remarks and Introductions

James Wiser called to order the regular meeting of the SLIS Alumni Board at 1:00 p.m. on 4/29/2011 in Bloomington, IN.

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting

The minutes were approved with this edit: Pt 1 changes to 4/2010 add an “e” to Courtney Greene’s name. Motion by Lorelle Swader as amended, seconded by Courtney.

III. Student Reports

Rebecca, the president, ASIS of MLS/MIS dual students, networking with business groups, opportunity to get Indy involved. Male dominated club.

David Wright from ALA- Career week planned for Oct of this year to help students: job search, personal branding, interviewing, negotiation, reaching out to ASIS, SLA, and other organizations; SLIS mentoring program between professionals and students; 2 hours work of shadow, 1 conversation a month, give them an opportunity for professional insight into their careers of interest, informal, minimize burden;

Lorelle Swader suggests the national shadowing day via ALA; students could partner to shadow with someone at home during a spring break etc.

Also discussed collaboration with SLIS board to find internships.

Student outreach committee via the Alumni Association- Question: what can SLIS IU Alumni Association do to assist?

IV. Foundation Report Vickie Martin

Vickie Martin discussed connecting with students via SLIS sponsored events.

V. IU Alumni Association Report

Jennifer Gentry presented the IUAA- SLIS budget. James Wiser moved, Pat Court-seconded. Motion carried.

VI. SLIS Report

Ralf Shaw has been appointed Interim Dean of SLIS Bloomington, appointment through June 2012. Blaise Cronin remains on faculty.

VII. Accrediation Discussion

Faculty tasked with evaluating the “school” should it remain a school? Stand alone school, school of informatics, or SLIS and informatics. Report available on the IU Website; Indianapolis budget gets 1.2% increase; Bloomington Campus reduced by 900%

VIII. SLIS Alumni Events & Activities

Sarah Burton Presented about upcoming conference events for alumns.
Helping to identify new board members via these events. Connect people to IU, look for active people in the field- who are or who will be active with IU;

IX. Board Recruitment

Board Positions: identified 3 positions that will need to be filled.

X. Committee Reports

  1. Distinguished Alumni Award (DDA): edits and changes to the criteria proposed by Courtney Greene. DAA procedure adjusted. Pat Court moved, Lorelle Swader seconded. Motion carried.
  2. SLIS Alumni Board Consitution: revise constitution, see attachment. Tammy Schnell moved, Pat Court seconded. Motion carried.
  3. Executive Council: Lorelle Swader presented on the executive council meeting. The group meets twice a year. The next meeting will be on November 3 & 4, 2011 in Bloomington. Lorelle told us about their new leadership, now seen as a working body for the IUAA. Lorelle to stay on Executive Council: Jake Nadel moved, Courtney Greene seconded; Motion carried.

XI. New Business

Fall meeting, Indianapolis, IN. Tentative date: September 9th.

Courtney’s last board meeting is today (she’s been on the board for 8 years); Neal’s last meeting is today as well.

XII. Adjournment

James Wiser adjourned the meeting at 4:10 p.m.


SLIS Alumni Board Meeting

Friday, September 10, 2010

Participants: James Wiser, Courtney Greene, Pat Court, Neal Starkey; via telephone: Jacob Nadal, Lorelle Swader, Blanche Woolls; ex officio: Marilyn Irwin, Howard Rosenbaum, Sarah Burton, Jennifer Gentry

  1. President James Wiser called the meeting to order at 1:40pm. Changes to the minutes of the April 2009 meeting were accepted: Tammy Schnell last name corrected spelling; item 4 was re IU Foundation, not IUAA; item 7 T. Kirk is at Earlham College. Courtney Green moved and Neal Starkey seconded approval of the minutes as corrected; passed unanimously.
  2. Sarah Burton reported on the SLIS alumni events and activities. She stressed that they are trying to cut costs and be respectful of gifts while still accomplishing what is needed, doing more with less. For smaller meetings, we may have receptions in alternate years. Her detailed written report was distributed.
  3. In absence of Vicky Martin, Sarah Burton gave the report for the IU Foundation. For the “Matching the Promise” campaign, SLIS met our original $1 million dollar goal, which was then upped to $2.5 million. We were happy to exceed $2 million by June 30, 2010, the end of the campaign. Vicky and Sarah meet individually with many alumni, to build gifts, engagement, and interest in IU/SLIS. As our main fundraiser, Vicky is now formally supported by SLIS. For Indianapolis, there are 1,000 SLIS graduates, but no separate goal set for Indianapolis SLIS. Donations are used first for student scholarships, and then for faculty research.
  4. Jennifer Gentry gave the report of the IU Alumni Association. In the push to add life members, SLIS recently added 16 new life members, taking our total over 500. Handwritten notes of thanks, written by Sarah and board members. J.T. Forbes, new IUAA Executive Director, is great person for this position; he is looking for new ways to get alumni involved. Looking into the possibility of having a SLIS reception at Winter College this year; checking number of alumni in the area. SLIS AA budget is proposed at $1,335.53. Detailed budget was distributed. “We Are IU!” follows President McRobbie on his visits around the world, focusing on alumni and adding student speakers. IUAA is streamlining its partnership with the IU Foundation, especially with the great IUF Marketing Department.
  5. Discussion of the Volunteer Leaders Conference. Lorelle attended last year as our Executive Council representative. VLP is usually held on Fathers’ Day weekend. Lorelle lauded the conference as a great chance to learn what other groups are doing, and let others hear from smaller groups like us. She also encouraged SLIS to look at Constituent Societies Award Program for recognition and outreach in alumni relations, student engagement, and alumni publication (good category for SLIS). She has a thumb drive with all the documents and is happy to share; Howard will put up the documents on the SLIS web site. Jennifer and Lorelle will compare two versions to get the complete archive.
  6. Marilyn Irwin presented news of SLIS at Indianapolis, noting first that they have over 1,000 alumni as of May 2010. Tomas Lipinski has been selected as the new Executive Associate Dean. SLIS graduate Michael Witt (MLS'06) has been selected to be a Fulbright Scholar, January-May 2011. He will be located in Alexandria, Egypt, where he will lecture and conduct research at the Bibliotheca Alexandria. Dual degree with library science and law is being expanded. Eleven thousand service hours have been logged in the community. The first five librarians who received diversity fellowships just graduated from Indianapolis; two graduated from Bloomington in May. Marilyn serves on ALA’s Schneider Family Book Awards Committee, which honor an author or illustrator for the artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences. Alumna Kristin Stout is an ALA Emerging Leader in 2010. The number of credit hours taught is down, but the number of students is over 300, this at a time when 80 school librarian positions are being eliminated in Indiana. Prof. Rachel Applegate has received the IUPUI Experience Excellence Award for service "above and beyond the call of duty." Lorelle was interested in getting the word out about the success of the Diversity Fellowships; Marilyn plans to put a story together on this.
  7. Howard Rosenbaum presented an update on SLIS at Bloomington. There are 2 more students this year over last; has been going up every year since 2006. Of 300 current students, 148 are new and most are MLS, with 15-17 MIS students. Expanded course offerings include Emerging Technologies, Storytelling, Advanced Storytelling, Grant Writing, and Public Library Programming, with plans for a course in Sustainable Librarianship. Wider offerings are available in technology courses: php, ajax, python, perl, etc. He referred to the Fall 2010 issue of SLIS magazine for an excellent review of faculty research. Ralf Shaw received the 2010 SLIS Trustees Teaching Award.
  8. James presented committee reports and noted that we have no Vice President at this time. Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee is chaired now by the Immediate Past President. Courtney is leading an overhaul of the DAA. It will then be broadly publicized. James is leading the Nominating Committee this year. Members should send to James names of excellent potential board members. In describing board members’ responsibilities, James noted that they should try to attend at least one of the two meetings each year, and that they need to be engaged. Marilyn would like to see more IUPUI alumni on this board. James announced that the lunch program that afternoon with students was a great success. Howard will help set up something similar in Bloomington. Lorelle suggested that a graduate luncheon in the spring and new student reception in the fall had been good links between alumni board members and students. Question of spring meeting timing will be discussed at a future meeting, to determine if we might meet earlier in the spring. Other ways we could interact with current students: Beta Phi Mu, round robin resume program (discuss at April 2011 meeting); Howard will send board member names and contact info for student chapter leaders; Dinner for Twelve: a few board members and 12 students; coordinate mentoring with Indiana Library Foundation; participate in SLIS Facebook page (has 600+ members), to which we could add photographs.
  9. Blanche moved and Lorelle seconded adjournment of the Fall meeting. Adjourned at 4:00 pm. Next meeting in Bloomington on April 29, 2011.

Minutes taken by Pat Court



Spring Meeting
April 30, 2010

Jennifer Gentry, Courtney Greene, Marilyn Irwin, Pat Court, Tammy Snell, James Wiser, Howard Rosenbaum, Vicki Martin, Christina Bennett-McNew, Jerome Conley, Neal Starkey, and Sarah Burton were present.

Richard Steele, Lorelle Swader, Blache Woolls, and Jacob Nadal teleconferenced into the meeting.

1. Welcome, Remarks, and Introductions – Courtney Greene

President Greene called the meeting to order at 2:10 pm. After a welcome to the meeting, introductions were made by each person.

2. Approval of the Minutes – Courtney Greene

Pat moved to approve the minutes, Jerome seconded their approval. The minutes were approved.

3. SLIS Alumni Events and Activities-Sarah Burton

Looking for someone in SLA New Orleans – James Wiser volunteered to help host it

ALA- June – SLIS exhibit booth; feels booths are good for SLIS, if a large city / larger organization i.e. D.C. or Chicago

Feedback SLIS often gets- comments that individuals are glad SLIS is doing the receptions, reaching out to alumni

Newsletter fall theme- alumni with leadership positions in professional organizations, email Howard / Rhonda

4. Foundation Report- Vicki Martin

June 30th campaign closes, SLIS only ~500,000 short of the campaign goal

Raising money for the David Kaiser lecture- started by two students, John and Jenny wanted to raise funds to endow the lecture; all PhD’s who were advised by David Kaiser- raised $16,215 from ~300 people; now it is endowed; phase 2- 3,000 letters being mailed to MLS students who studied while DK was at SLIS; Goal of $50,000= 2,500 per year for a speaker; volunteers called everyone on the list; mailing should come the week of May 1st Reduction of staff at IUAA, will soon be doing a reorganization, hoping that Vicki remains with the school

Indianapolis campaign-IMPACT IUPUI campaign will kick off in October 2010

5. IUAA Report- Jennifer Gentry

Life memberships seems to be growing vs. annual memberships; campaign for new graduates – opt in clause for new graduates to get the new membership; creates awareness that students are getting this as a ‘gift’; collected 2,000 at the senior expo; increase awareness about joining IUAA; applies to anyone graduating with their first degree from IU; benefits career services & alumni directory; Jerome requested details about how SLIS compares to other schools;

IU with three commencements –to make it more personal; opinions shared by Jerome and Lorelle- shared how graduation gives notice to the schools- inspiration for undergraduates

Financial Statement- Jennifer Gentry

Conference call fees come out of SLIS budget- efforts to keep fees down- board members will call a number instead of a 800 call

1,000 base from IUAA, 6.50 per membership dues (paid as of 6.30.10); goal to carry over 20% of fund balance into the next year

We trust Sarah to manage the finances appropriately; can she pull it from other line items? Parameter from the IUAA; want to ensure we’re spending our money to engage our alumni; keeping Jennifer apprised of any changes; likes to use the dues across several areas- apply dues to a broad number of things

James motions to approve budget- Tammy seconded, the budget was approved

Executive council- diversity IUAA web site, connecting the association with the university

6. SLIS Report- Dean Cronin

Three professors up for tenure; 10% increase in student enrollment over last year; tuition increases 5.5% in state; 5.8% for out of state; no furloughs to date/ no pay increases

7. Committee Reports – Courtney Greene

DAA-Thomas Kirk former Dean of Earlam College, scholarship, distinguish record of mentoring young librarians, anonymous committee for the award of 7 people; 4 nominees considered

Guide lines in the future, lead nominator: contact information, status of the nominations; who tells the nominee? Process for nominee?

Challenges- some people not associated with IUAA or SLIS; Have they given back in meaningful ways? Identify other ways to recognize SLIS alumni – i.e. meaningful contributions? Unsung Heros award? Not just for academic librarians, how to ensure more people get recognized.

  • Exceptional skills
  • Noteworthy contributions to society at large
  • Significant impact on the job or community at large
  • Statement about what we value about a school? Future people, nominations in the future. How to handle them?
  • Letter from IUAA, thank you for the nomination- to the primary contact telling them who got the award Call a question: Jerome makes the motion, James seconds it call; motion passed

CONSTITUTION- motion to accept constitution- Jerome 1st, James 2nd,
Hope the revision will generate some interest in the IUAA, ask to be able to revise for grammatical corrects, effective July 1st, 2010; gives us time to sort out the terms; recommending some term limits to ensure turn over and new blood for the board, provisions for people to continue with a more robust committee member; motion passed by roll call vote

After July 1st, 2010 Persuant to Article 5 section 1, the board of directors will make nominations to the expired terms via proxy- the terms and appointments; in an effort to get on track with new term requirements via the constitutions. Jerome makes the motion, James seconds it call; motion passed

Forward nominations to James- Sarah has a list of good potential board members from alumni receptions

8. New Business

Last meeting- raised getting closer to current students; SLIS to sponsor a brown bag lunch; presentation on SLIS alumni association; Marilyn Irwin will set up – time 12:15 - 1:15 board meeting at 1:30

9. Adjournment / Next Meeting

Jerome and James moved and seconded adjournment of the meeting at 4:00 pm. The next board meeting will be in Indianapolis on Friday September 10th.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:02

Minutes by Christina Bennett-McNew, Secretary-Treasurer


IU School of Library and Information Science Alumni Association Board

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Indiana University School of Library and Information Science Alumni Association Board met on Friday, September 25, 2009 in University Library on the IUPUI campus.

Sarah Burton, Jennifer Gentry, Courtney Greene, Marilyn Irwin, Brian Kleber, Vicky Martin, Howard Rosenbaum, and Lorelle Swader were in attendance. Jerome Conley, Jacob Nadal, Richard Steele, and Blanche Woolls teleconferenced into the meeting.

1. Welcome, Remarks, and Introductions – Courtney Greene

President Greene called the meeting to order at 1:35 pm. She welcomed members to the meeting.

2. Approval of Minutes – Courtney Greene

The minutes of the May 1, 2009 meeting were presented. After questions about Board membership were clarified, Jerome moved and Lorelle seconded their approval. The minutes were approved.

3. SLIS Alumni Events & Activities – Sarah Burton

Sarah reported on Alumni events held since the last meeting. She noted that the numbers of attendees was increasing, over 100 in Chicago at the ALA Annual Conference. There was also positive feedback on the exhibit booth. Sarah is exploring ways to steward the funds and make the most of the available resources. At this time, there are 7000 alums, but less than 1000 on the listserv; therefore, the U.S. mail continues to be the best way to reach most of the graduates.

2009/10 Events Held and Scheduled:
  • MLA, Honolulu, May 17. Approximately 20 people attended.
  • NASIG, Asheville, N.C., June 4-7
  • SLA, Washington, DC, June 16
  • ALA, Chicago, July 12. Approximately 125 people attended.
  • AALL, Washington DC, July 27. Between 40 and 45 people attended.
  • ASIST, Vancouver, BC, Nov. 9
  • ILA, Peoria, IL, Oct. 8
  • ILF, Fort Wayne, IN, Oct. 19
  • PLA, Portland, OR, March 23-27
  • Kaser Lecture, Apr. 1 (tent.) with Jinnie Davis as featured speaker.
  • MLA, Washington, DC, May 23
  • SLA, New Orleans, June 14
  • ALA, Washington, DC, June 27
  • AALL, Denver, July 12
  • ASIST, Pittsburgh, Oct. 25
  • ILA, Chicago, Sept. 30
  • ILF, TBD
  • Kansas City, KS Linda Hunt Library reception, not finalized.

Sarah also reported that $150 was given to support each of the SLIS professional student chapters each year.

4. IU Foundation Report – Vicky Martin

Vicky reported that the fundraising efforts for SLIS, Bloomington were so successful that the goal was raised from $1 million to $2.5 million. She stated that the role of the Foundation was in fundraising and stewardship for Indiana University, and SLIS is one of her priority areas for fundraising; however, when working with potential donors, Vicky said she stresses that the donor give based on where the individual feels happiest. Because SLIS is a graduate program, funds can be given for student fellowships, not scholarships. Finally, Vicky reported that Keith Kuhn’s father was inducted into the President’s Society, a group reserved for those giving $100,000 or more.

5. IU Alumni Association Report – Jennifer Gentry

Jennifer reported on efforts of the Alumni Association to develop “friend raisers” to stay connected with alumni. She continues to work with SLIS to maintain the mailing list and coordinate events. Jennifer is the liaison to SLIS and four other constituent societies. SLIS has 776 paid Alumni Association members, or 13.88% of the potential base.

Jennifer reminded everyone that membership dues are tax deductable. Dues are used to partially support the activities of the SLIS Alumni Association. The budget that was submitted had been approved. Expenditures equaled the costs for reception materials.

IU is participating in a blood donor challenge, October 1 – November 13 with 5000 units as a goal. I.U. Cares will take place in the spring where clothes, shoes, etc. will be collected.

President McRobbie is holding a reception in Chicago. Courtney, Richard, and Lorelle are on the RSVP list.

Jerome, Courtney, and Lorelle attended the Constituent Society Leadership Conference June 18-20, 2009. Sixty others also attended from other groups. It was viewed as an opportunity to network with others to exchange information and get new ideas. Lorelle attended as the SLIS representative to the Alumni Association Executive Council.

The I.U. Mini University is scheduled for June 20-25, 2010.

6. SLIS Report – Howard Rosenbaum, Bloomington & Marilyn Irwin, Indianapolis campuses

Marilyn reported that two new faculty members had joined the ranks in Indianapolis. Andrea Japzon, a recent Ph.D. in Information Studies from Drexel University, has a research interest in the area of digital preservation of community collections and archives. Hsin-liang (Oliver) Chen earned his Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. His research interest is in the area of digital media design and user studies.

Enrollment on the Indianapolis campus continues to grow with a five percent increase in student credit hours for fall 2009 over fall 2008. In collaboration with the Indianapolis program, the Indiana State Library successfully acquired a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services to support ten diversity fellowships a year for three years. The program also received an internal grant to develop an ePortfolio project to evaluate student learning outcomes.

Finally, Dr. Jean Preer was the recipient of the 2009 Greenwood Publishing Group Award given by the American Library Association for her book, Library Ethics, published by Libraries Unlimited. Howard reported enrollment for Bloomington: 120 MLS students, 18 MIS students, six Dual degree students, and two students in the Specialist program for a total of 146. Ninety-five students are out of state, 51 in state. Specializations are now listed on all degrees.

Strategic plan is in place for the School. Stasa Milojevic joined the faculty in this fall, and she is teaching Organization and Representation of Knowledge and Information Architecture. Her Ph.D. is from UCLA.

Faculty grant productivity includes:
  • Noriko Harra: NSF: Transmission of Tacit Skills in East Asian Graduate Science Programs ($65K)
  • Ying Ding: Scholarly Evaluation Metrics: Opportunities & Challenges ($21K)
  • Katy Borner and Ying Ding: NIH: VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists ($1.9M)
  • Katy Borner:
    • NSF: Developing A Tool That Groups & Maps ($25K)
    • James McDonnel Foundation: Mapping the Emergence & Development of Scientific Disciplines ($365K)
    • NIH: Accuracy of Models for Mapping the Medical Sciences ($74K)
    • NIH: Informatics Infrastructure for Vector-based Neuroanatomical Atlases ($250K)
  • John Walsh:
    • NEH: Digital Tools & the Chemistry of Isaac Newton ($200K)
    • NEH: Text-Image Linking Environment (TILE) ($70K)
  • Howard Rosenbaum and Mark Napier: IU podcast grant ($35K)

Lokman Meho accepted a position as library director closer to home and left SLIS. A search is in place for two faculty positions.

It is the 45th year of the SLIS Ph.D. program – the theme for the spring Alumni magazine.

Proposals in progress:
  • Dual degrees, MLS/MIS with Central East Eurasian Studies (approved there)
  • Proposed new specialization in Children and Young Adult Services
  • New courses in public library programming and grantwriting

7. Committee Reports

Executive Council. Lorelle reported that 100+ people are members of the Alumni Association Executive Council. They meet twice a year, June and December. She reported that it was a great opportunity to gather information and get the word out there about SLIS.

Nominating Committee. The term of two Board members expires in June. Sarah volunteered to assist in locating additional members.

Distinguished Alumni. There was one nomination; however, the committee felt the individual wasn’t qualified. There was a call for additional names; however, no award will be given this year. Lorelle stated that there may be issues with the way the guidelines are stated and the visibility of the criteria for selection. The committee charge should be reviewed for possible updates including clarification of the cycle for the award, the deadline for applications, contact person, and communication with nominators regarding status of nominees not selected.

Constitution & Bylaws. Jerome, Lorelle, Brian, Sarah, and Jennifer form an ad hoc committee established by Courtney to review the constitution and bylaws. Jerome agreed to chair the group. They have been asked to share their recommendations to the Board by March for action at the April Board meeting.

Questions were asked related to
  • Election capacity, specifically does “members” mean members of the Board or members of the SLIS Alumni Association.
  • Definition of a meeting, including whether conferences calls are considered meetings.

8. Goals & Objectives

One of the goals is to provide help to SLIS, and the question was raised about what is being done in this area. Areas discussed include
  • Build an alumni base from Indianapolis and support the Indianapolis fundraising campaign
  • Provide support for colleagues who are displaced
  • Help further career development
  • Provide practical information about networking for job seeking
  • Work with Student Alumni Association - Dinner with Hoosiers - students and alumni held in homes of faculty members
  • Assist career services through the IU Alumni Association
  • Stay in touch with current students – two events per year; one in Bloomington and one remote
  • Dedicate one third of meeting to strategic planning
  • Establish goals for going to receptions
  • Establish guidelines for sponsored events
  • Engage with information science
  • Explore student membership on Board; voting membership

8. New Business

Board documents should be placed in a password protected, university controlled space. Howard volunteered to work on this.

9. Adjournment

Blanche moved to adjourn the meeting; Jerome seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

The next meeting will be Friday, April 30, 2010, in the DeVault Alumni Center on the Bloomington campus.


The Indiana University School of Library and Information Science Alumni Advisory Board met on Friday, May 1, 2009 in the DeVault Center.

Jerome Conley, Courtney Greene, Patricia Court, Beverly Martin, Howard Rosenbaum, Sarah Burton, Vicky Martin, and Jennifer Gentry were in attendance. Dean Blaise Cronin attended the meeting from 1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Richard Steele, Christina Bennett-McNew and James Wiser teleconferenced into the meeting. Lorelle Swader, Blanche Woolls were excused. Brian Kieber ’04 MIS was a guest.

1. Welcome, Remarks, and Introductions – Jerome Conley

President Conley called the meeting to order at 12:07 p.m. He welcomed members to the meeting and made note of the deaths that occurred among board members and/or close loved ones within the past 18 months. He noted that our thoughts remain with the families of the deceased.

2. Approval of Minutes– Jerome Conley

Minutes of the September 2008 meeting were presented. Pat Court moved and Bev Martin seconded their approval. Minutes were approved unanimously.

3. Alumni Receptions and Activities Report - Sarah Burton

Sarah provided an overview of the Alumni events held since the last meeting. She noted that the Career forum coincided with 2008 Homecoming. They had good attendance and received good feedback from attendees. Distinguished alumni Jim Fish and Bill Crowe were the speakers.

Beta Phi Mu hosts a smaller annual career forum as well.

This year, SLIS also had a presence at Hoosier Village which is the big tailgate before each home game. Sarah doesn’t expect to participate every year but would like to have another table in the future.

A memorial reception for Keith was held in Columbus, Ohio that coincided with the Annual ASIS Conference. Keith’s father accepted the Distinguished Service Award posthumously on Keith’s behalf.

ILF—The largest gathering, up to 100 attendees soon, ALA

[See Sarah’s report]

Sarah shared that SLIS plans to change its strategy. They plan, in some cases, to tap into receptions sponsored by several schools.

ALA – The SLIS webmaster plans to attend. SLIS will have an exhibit booth. They plan to have a techie presentation that features the information about the school.

The Linda Hunt Library in Missouri will serve as the venue for an Alumni Reception in August.

The SLIS Network is scheduled for publication in about 2 weeks.

Sarah presented each board member in attendance with a little gift. SLIS plans to offer various gifts to Friends of the Schools based on their level of financial support.

The Bloomington Fall Reception is September 21. This year’s event will take place on a Monday evening at The Farm .

The School will no longer have a graduation lunch. The School realized that the lunches weren’t that effective. Basically, the graduating students didn’t attend. Therefore, the School has decided to recognize each graduate with a silver SLIS business card holder. The students are asked to come to the office to receive their gift.

4. IU Foundation Report – Vicky Martin

Vicky reported that SLIS initial Matching the Promise goal was achieved; however, the university recently increased the overall campaign goal which resulted in an increase in the SLIS campaign. The new goal for the campaign is $1.1 Billion and is scheduled to end in 2010. SLIS new goal is $2.5 million that Vicky says very achievable.

825 donors last year/668 donors this year but more money!

Still have around donors but giving less “friend raising”—not all about money. It was noted that the letter written by the new CEO of the Foundation to donors was wonderful.

Vicky noted that Keith’s family honored his wishes and donated a part of the proceeds from his home to SLIS. As a result of this gift, Keith’s father is now a member of the President’s club.

Mr. Conley thanked the alumni, staff and new foundation head for staying committed to SLIS. He encourages board members to give as they can for there is a direct correlation between personal outreach and giving back.

IUF is releasing a new Giving magazine. Vicky hopes to have more of a SLIS presence (snapshots) within upcoming issues.

5. IUAA Report – Jennifer Gentry

Having a stable workforce from all departments within the university has been great. It has been a pleasure having Jennifer on the SLIS team as well as her assistant Kathleen.

Jerome would still like to have President Michael McRobbie at an upcoming meeting. Since we will be in Indianapolis during our fall 2009 meeting, we may want to extend an invitation for him to attend the April 30, 2010 meeting. Jennifer extended the regrets of Tom Martz, the new CEO and president of the IUAA, who was supposed to attend today’s meeting. He had a personal emergency that prevented him from attending. It may be possible to have Mr. Martz and President McRobbie make presentations at the same meeting next year.

Jennifer directed the members to the new diversity statement of the IUAA.

She noted that SLIS had gained 34 new members and the membership now stands at 974.

Bloomington Alumni Forum

Getting updated information in database, increase email and business information to increase SLIS membership

The IUAA is exploring the feasibility of getting a portion of alumni dues tax deductible. Apparently, a few institutions have adopted this practice. Current life members would be ineligible to claim this deduction.

She reminded everyone that Commencement is next week.

IUAA is sponsoring a June Leadership Conference at IMU. It will take place June 19, 20, 21 and all board members are invited to attend.

SLIS facebook for current students

Brian Kieber asked about Facebook and LinkedIn and SLIS alumni interfacing with both of them. Howard has set up an account for SLIS alumni.

6. Dean’s Report – Blaise Cronin

Dean Cronin reported that President McRobbie has set up a task force to review what should Indiana Memorial Union be in future. He sits on that committee.

Dean Cronin made note of the new $2.5 million campaign goal of SLIS.

He reported that it appears unseemly to give faculty merit raises; however, the university plans to stay committed to equity adjustments.

Tuition of out of state and foreign is an important factor in the revenues of the university since their tuition is three times that of in-state students.

SLIS has hired two new faculty at Indianapolis and they are very good. The Dean reported that 40% of Indianapolis students are taking classes online

Bloomington faculty continues to generate high research income. He noted that SLIS now ranks seventh in the recent US News and World Report rankings. He perceives that the latest rankings are good reflection of the top schools in the nation.

A new faculty member will join the Bloomington faculty in the Fall. She has not completed her PHD yet.

Dean Cronin provided an overview of the Scholl’s Strategic Plan that had been disseminated prior to the meeting.

Jerome asked if Indiana University plans to keep library in SLIS’ name given that a school recently dropped it from their name. The Dean report that they plan to keep library in School’s name. Dean Cronin noted that the School of Informatics may become the School of Informatics and Computing. Board should discuss whether L and IS Schools will continue, and if so, what do we need to do to stay with our role? Meaningful, deep conversations.

Brief discussion ensued on the impact of the federal stimulus money as well as national programs that may benefit SLIS (i.e. NSF)..

James inquired on how open access is taught handled by the School?

Dean Cronin noted that the SLIS faculty is very supportive of open access. He shared how the journal he edits is handling this issue.

7. Committee Reports

Nominations committee

8. New Business

Had a discussion regarding possibly updating our constitution/bylaws

Elected officers, Clarified the terms of office for each member

Conversation about the Executive Council rep and their membership on the SLIS Board

The next meeting will take place on the Indianapolis campus on Friday, September 25th. There will not be a reception in Bloomington following the meeting.


SLIS Alumni Board

Fall Meeting
September 12, 2008

Sarah Burton, Jerome Conley, Pat Court, Jennifer Gentry, Courtney Greene, Melanie Hollcraft, Vicky Martin, Howard Rosenbaum, Richard Steele, Lorelle Swader, and Phil Young were present.

James Wiser teleconferenced into the meeting.

1. Welcome, Remarks, and Introductions – Jerome Conley

President Conley called the meeting to order at 2:10 pm. After a welcome to the meeting, introductions were made by each person.

2. IU Foundation Report – Vicky Martin

SLIS has achieved 121% of its goal for the Matching the Promise campaign and is one of the top schools in that regard. The current campaign is scheduled for ten years but may end successfully before that time. The number of donors and the amount of money received are both up for SLIS, which Vicky sees as a reflection of our increased activity with alumni. Jerome thanked Vicky for her excellent service this past year.

3. Approval of Agenda – Jerome Conley

Upon presentation, seconded by Lorelle Swader, the agenda for the meeting was unanimously approved, with items to be discussed in slightly different order.

4. Alumni Receptions and Activities Report – Sarah Burton

Sarah reported that there have been several successful receptions at conferences in the past six months:

MLA in Chicago in May, ~25 attended
SLA in Seattle in June, ~25 attended
ALA in Anaheim in June, 85 attended
AALL in Portland in July, 40 attended
Archivists in San Francisco in August, ~25 attended

Upcoming in the fall are receptions in Chicago in September, Louisville in October, and Indianapolis in November.

It has been an extremely busy year for receptions, often attended by Sarah and Vicky. Now time to assess response to these efforts. They are expensive events: with $5,000 from Alumni Foundation, SLIS has spent $20,000 on receptions. Sarah would like to see sponsorships and joint receptions. Alumni are making it known that they want to see SLIS in their conference programs. She sees definitely continuing ALA, Indiana Library Federation, and AALL receptions, due to the strong turnout.

In response to questions, Sarah explained that conferences on the west coast contributed to high expenses lately, along with room rental charges and the price of food. Vicky is supposed to do 30% of her time for SLIS but in this building year she spent significantly more time.

Jerome asked what percentage of schools have dedicated alumni staff like Sarah and development staff like Vicky. He suggested that board members could learn from other schools how to synergize our efforts. Tapping into the base supporters who attend the receptions would move us well along to stronger alumni ties.

5. Approval of Minutes – Jerome Conley

Minutes of the April 2008 meeting were presented. Pat Court and Richard Steele moved and seconded their approval. It was suggested that it would be appreciated if minutes, agenda, and other handouts were sent earlier to board members.

6. IUAA Report – Jennifer Gentry

Jennifer is the new IUAA liaison to the SLIS board and is learning about all we do. She reported on the upcoming Constituent Society Leaders Conference, to be held June 18-20. Hoosier Village, the ultimate IU tailgate destination, has a good response this year. SLIS is not participating this year because of the death of the immediate past president, and our Distinguished Alumni Award is to be presented in his honor in Ohio the same weekend as Homecoming.

IUAA would like to see more goals from the SLIS Board. Jerome asked the group to consider why we do a newsletter, why we hold receptions, and what else we would like to be doing.

7. Financial Statement – Jennifer Gentry

The Board reviewed the current financial statement for 2008-09 and unanimously approved the statement as presented.

Expenses for alumni receptions are up. We are cutting money allotted to the newsletter to actual money spent in the previous year.

We have 730 members, for which we receive $6.25 each, giving us $5,563.00 from IUAA. More members would give us more income. Our 730 members represent just 13.86% of total eligible.

8. Bloomington Campus Report – Howard Rosenbaum

Enrollment for August 2008 is 139 new students, with six new Ph.D. students. This total is close to the high in 2005 of 141 new students. Twenty-four states and six countries are represented, including Saudi Arabia, Korea, and China. A recent New York Times article discussed New Yorkers who come to Indiana University.

The school is proud to recognize Eric Meyer, Ph.D. ’07, who won this year’s doctoral dissertation award from ASCIS. He is currently doing post-doctoral work at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Newly tenured faculty are Lokman Meho and Noriko Hara. Newest faculty member to join SLIS is Ying Ding, from Innsbruck, who teaches semantic web classes and database classes. They continue to search for digital archives faculty who can do core courses and an interesting specialty, at the assistant professor level.

Since the accreditation review, faculty are working on long range planning, with objectives for every committee. Two classes in public libraries were added this semester, at the insistence of MLS students.

The 2008 Kaser Lecture was April 3 this year, delivered by Bill Crowe, Ph.D. ’86. About eighty people were in attendance, including retired faculty and MLS students.

Plans are being discussed for a graduation lunch, with the presence of the Dean. In the SLS magazine, there is to be a new section on faculty news and doctoral student news.

9. Indianapolis Campus Report – Melanie Hollcraft

SLIS Indianapolis is searching for three new faculty. Grant applications are currently under review. They are working with the Indiana State Library for full SLIS scholarships.

10. Committee Reports – Jerome Conley

Alumni Council: Need to replace Beverly Martin on the Alumni Council. Phil Young and Pat moved and seconded that Lorelle Swader be appointed. Lorelle accepted, with congratulations from the Chair. She will work with Jennifer on logistics.

It was noted that regular financial statements from IUAA should be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Nominating Committee: Members are Courtney Greene, Christina Bennett-McNew, and James Wiser. Discussion ensued on terms of officers. Terms begin July 1. Vote for new officers is at April meeting. Pat agreed to serve as Secretary –Treasurer through June 2010. Currently, board needs:

1 2-year term member
3 3-year term members
1 President-Elect

Membership Committee for 2008-09 will be the members of the just-appointed Nominating Committee members.

Distinguished Alumni Award: Pat and Richard moved and seconded that for this year the requirement that the award recipient be living be waived. The name of Keith Kuhn was put forward by the committee for the award, with heartfelt reasons for the nomination. Richard and James moved and seconded the nomination, which was passed unanimously. A presentation of the award to Keith’s family will be held in Ohio on October 26.

Lorelle asked that information about the award recipient be sent to the Cincinnati Public Library, the Public Library Association, and ALA. Jerome will send letters to Mark and to father.

11. New Business – Jerome Conley

SLIS board goals have been requested by IUAA. The Goals sheet (behind light green tab in SLIS binder) will be completed by Jerome, Courtney, Sarah, and Jennifer.

Pat will send cards of congratulations to newly hired faculty, newly tenured faculty, and to recipient of ASCIS dissertation award, on behalf of the board. Jerome will write letter of welcome to the new IU Foundation head.

Discussion of alumni names who board members could contact. Vicky will prepare lists of alumni five years around each board member’s graduating year, and alumni in specific states for Ohio (Jerome), New York (Pat), and California (James).

Jerome spoke of plans he would like to see put in place, including a committee on fund raising, increasing diversity (for which Lorelle has ideas), and additional events taking place at SLIS.

The question was posed whether the board could have meetings virtually. Jerome said that communicating virtually is good but he does not like voting virtually. Howard will set up an online discussion list to facilitate our communications.

Recapitulating the action items from this meeting, Jerome made this review:

1) Goals for 2008 to Jennifer asap
2) Letter from IUAA re Distinguished Alumni Award
3) Letter to Keith’s family re award
4) Letter to new IU Foundation head
5) Vicky to make alumni lists
6) Nominating/Membership committee action before next meeting
7) Howard will set up online discussion list
8) Pat will distribute list of board members’ cell phone numbers
9) Lorelle to work with Council
10) Pat to send cards to faculty & dissertation award winner
11) Everyone thinks about how we move forward
12) Handouts for April 2009 meeting to be sent in advance of meeting

12. Adjournment / Next Meeting

Phil and Lorelle moved and seconded adjournment of the meeting at 3:45 pm. The next board meeting will be in Bloomington on Friday, May 1, 2009.

Minutes by Pat Court, Secretary-Treasurer


SLIS Alumni Board

Spring Meeting
April 25, 2008
DeVault Alumni Center – Bloomington

Christina Bennett-McNew, Sarah Burton, Jerome Conley, Patricia Court, Courtney Greene, Beverly Martin, Vicky Martin, Howard Rosenbaum, Richard Steele, Bridget Sutton, Lorelle Swader and Phillip Young were present.

James Wiser and Blanche Wools teleconferenced into the meeting.

1. Welcome, Introductions & Approval of Minutes – Jerome Conley

President Conley called the meeting to order at 2:06pm. After welcoming he expressed thanks and appreciation for all the work that has led to a smooth transition. Pat Court and Lorelle Swader moved & seconded the approval of agenda. Pat and Lorelle moved & seconded the approval of the September 2007 minutes; Richard Steele and Christina Bennett-McNew moved & seconded the approval of the April 2008 minutes.

2. Finance Report – Bridget Sutton

The Board reviewed the current financial statement for 2006 – 07, and for 2007 -08. The Board unanimously approved the statement as presented.

The School receives a standard amount of funding for each graduate regardless of the number of degrees earned from the University (for example, for a graduate of Music and SLIS, both Music and SLIS would receive funding from IUAA).

Sarah Burton recommended that for the 2008-09 budget, some funds that had been previously directed into the newsletter be diverted to increase the funding for alumni receptions. The Board unanimously approved this change to the budget.

IUAA has asked that the Board explicitly articulate goals for the expenditure of funds, and metrics for monies spent (number of attendees at receptions, newsletters mailed, etc).

3. President’s Report – Jerome Conley

To help us be mindful of the context for our activities, a wide array of documentation was distributed to all board members; in addition to materials pertaining to the spring meeting (agenda, financial reports, etc), distributed binders also include information about the University and the School. These include but are not limited to: President McRobbie’s inaugural address; the missions, strategic goals, budgets, minutes, and the organizational charts for the IUAA, the IU Foundation; the mission, strategic goals, budget, minute, and the organizational chart for the School; and organizing documentation for the Board, and for the alumni boards of other constituent schools. Binders can be expanded and updated over time, and will be mailed to board members unable to attend in person.

The Board welcomed this development as extremely helpful, and made several suggestions for additions or clarifications. Associate Dean Howard Rosenbaum will arrange to have the materials made available digitally on a server housed at the School.

President Conley suggested that additional committees be formed to facilitate communication and action between meetings; this will be taken up further during New Business.

The office of Secretary / Treasurer is currently open. Terms will commence on July 1, 2008 and run through the fiscal year. Pat Court was unanimously elected as Secretary / Treasurer for 2008-09.

4. IUAA Report – Bridget Sutton

Currently the IUAA is focusing their new and continuing activities within six areas: recruitment, internationalization, advocacy, marketing, development and diversity. Some outcomes include an ambassador program for the University, a reorganization of the Association to align with these stated foci. Bridget Sutton works with SLIS, HPER, Journalism, Music, and Nursing; she now reports to the Senior Director of Constituent Societies & Affiliate Groups, a new position. This change will free Bridget to be able to participate more in alumni receptions and other events, and will also enable a move towards greater uniformity and consistency of approach for all constituent societies.

In June 2009, there will be a Constituent Society Leaders Conference intended to encourage communication and networking. Concomitantly with this, a series of awards for successful receptions, publications, programs and other alumni board activities will be inaugurated, as well as a granting program to support both continuing efforts and new initiatives.

IUAA will also be preparing a detailed demographic snapshot of the School’s Alumni. The IUAA and the IU Foundation continue to strengthen ties and coordinate efforts to support alumni and constituent societies.

There is a new program called Hoosier Village, which will allow constituent groups to reserve seats or tables for tailgate parties at all eight home games of the 2009 football season.

Paid membership for SLIS has increased by seven (13.66% increase).

5. Report from the Dean – Blaise Cronin

All of the School send their best wishes to Keith.

Tom Nisonger is retiring after over 20 years of service. Two current faculty members have received notifications that they have been granted tenure. David Kaiser recently lectured at the Lilly Library; the event was well attended (over 70).

IUPUI enrollment continues to grow.

Two searches for IUPUI right now. Three new faculty have been hired at Bloomington. Katy Borner received another NIH grant in the amount of $1.2 million.

Sarah & Vicky Martin should be congratulated on their development efforts; so far the School has exceeded its campaign target by 10%.

Accreditation – biennial report document (see binder)

Long range planning (see report)

6. IUAA Executive Council Report – Bev Martin

See section 4

7. Alumni Reception & Activities Report – Sarah Burton

There has been an ambitious schedule of events.

See report for more details.

Some changes to the graduation lunch event are in the works – a more formal ceremony will take place at the beginning in conjunction with the luncheon.

IU Foundation Report – Vicky Martin

Vicky will be attending all the receptions. She encouraged the board members to accompany her on her visits when possible.

The Matching the Promise Campaign extends through 2010.

8. 2008 Distinguished Alumni Award –Bridget Sutton

The slate of nominations currently consists of three candidates: two for whom there currently is complete documentation and one for whom only the name has been passed forward.

Due to Keith’s health situation precluding him from coordinating this process, Christina & Richard moved and seconded the motion to empower Pat, Lorelle and Phillip Young to oversee the nomination process for this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

James Wiser & Courtney Greene moved and seconded the motion to empower the committee to recommend the Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, and to accept their recommendation.

9. New Business

Ideas for more board involvement:
  • Welcoming new faculty
  • Engaging more alumni in the IUAA
    Survey of alumni populations and potential membership
    Best practices, benchmarks – what makes a prof school alumni assoc successful? Objective data
  • More standing committees to address priorities
    Diversity - addressing this in students, faculty and alumni Advocacy
    Development– strategies etc; Ways to facilitate connections: by class list; more consideration to development goals
    Assessment and Evaluation
  • Networking and business relationships ( – how can SLIS expand into social networking online or in person; specifically, more information about varied career paths and accomplishments
  • Increasing transparency of information transmission to alumni
  • Local lectures by SLIS alumni about their research or practice
  • SLIS blog – a good venue, esp. if advertised
  • Future meetings: looking at the scheduling arrangements so that the IUPUI campus gets an entire day – perhaps more arrangements, like a lunch and forum etc? If the IUB spring arrangements change, then that day could be dedicated to IUPUI.
  • Starting active involvement by alumni early – practical work skills etc
  • Setting up a discussion list for the board – Howard will take care of this
  • We’ll be thinking about these ideas in light of the grant program mentioned in section 4.

    Consider a scholarship targeted at diverse students, named for respected diverse faculty as a way to connect to undergrads.

    10. Adjournment

    Phillip Young and Lorelle Swader moved and seconded the adjournment of the meeting at 5:24 pm.


    SLIS Alumni Board

    Fall Meeting
    September 14, 2007

    Rachel Applegate, Christina Bennett-McNew, Sarah Burton, Jerome Conley, Patricia Court, Courtney Greene, Marilyn Irwin, Keith Kuhn, Beverly Martin, Vicky Martin, Howard Rosenbaum, Richard Steele, Bridget Sutton and Lorelle Swader were present.

    James Wiser and Blanche Wools teleconferenced into the meeting.

    1. Introductions & Approval of Minutes

    President Kuhn called the meeting to order at 2:02pm.

    Ralf Shaw will be transitioning out of the Executive Associate Dean position. Howard Rosenbaum will be taking the position of Associate Dean beginning in January 2008.

    Keith proposed that, as a token of our appreciation for all Ralf’s contributions to this group, the Board could make individual donations to the Campaign in Ralf’s name; or in honor of her as part of the unrestricted funds account for use by the School; possibly the money could go into the scholarship fund established by herself, in memory of Charles Shaw, several years ago; an account can be set up in her name (this would require a minimum of $10,000). It was decided that the Board will contribute gifts to the Charles Shaw Fellowship individually, and that a letter of gratitude will be sent from this group. Keith will work with Bridget Sutton, and Vicky Martin will send donation cards to Board members so that gifts can be directly routed to that fund. The Board opted to set a deadline for this project of January 1, 2008.

    Minutes from the April 27, 2007 meeting will be approved at the April 2008 meeting to allow full time for review. Any changes to the roster should be sent to Bridget by email.

    2. IUAA Report – Bridget Sutton

    Paid memberships for FY07 have increased by ten. Overall percentage of membership across the alumni base remains stable at approximately 14%. It has been some time since the Alumni Association has conducted a membership drive on behalf of the School; Bridget will work with Howard Rosenbaum, Sarah Burton and Marilyn Irwin to undertake such an effort starting this fall. Bridget will report back on this project at our spring meeting.

    One change that will be made by the IUAA is that the complimentary one-year membership, previously awarded only upon the completion of the first IU degree, is now being expanded to include subsequent degrees as well. Further, IUAA has initiated a discount on yearly and life memberships for alumni within five years of graduation.

    Members of the Alumni Association are more likely to give, and the gifts are typically higher.

    Financials were reported as follows:
    Beginning balance of $624.80, Dues of $912.00, Interest of $2.84, Total balance as of July 31, 2007 - $1473.39

    The Board discussed the expenditure of the alumni dues. This is primarily directed into three sources: some subsidization of the SLIS newsletter, the alumni newsletters, and the Distinguished Alumni Award. The SLIS newsletter is distributed to all SLIS graduates. Some questions were raised and suggestions were made about ways to encourage IUAA membership among SLIS alumni. The Board opted to leave the management of the funds to the discretion of the School and the IUAA, trusting that the impact of the funds will be maximized.

    3. Bloomington Campus Report – Howard Rosenbaum

    Following the appointment of IU President McRobbie, there have been reorganization and new appointments at IU Bloomington. He seems to be broadly interested in all departments at IUB.

    News from the School:
    Enrollment – 137 new students for this year, a slight increase; 101 MLS students, and 30 MIS students, four dual degree students, and two in the new Certificate in Information Architecture. The Certificate is a 18 credit hour program, primarily aimed at working professionals but which can also be undertaken by students pursuing graduate degrees.

    Academic Advising – The Curriculum Advising Committee has developed an advising guide for faculty based around various library careers, and the SLIS courses that will be most relevant for those career paths.

    Recruiting – SLIS estimates that nine of ten inquiries are coming through the website. Many prospective students are collecting information using the website, and plotting and analyzing their paths is an area for further research. This makes the SLIS website’s performance in search results especially important; the School is considering various ways to achieve the best search engine optimization. There is a full-time webmaster, so that increases responsiveness. All syllabi are posted online; scheduling and program requirements are posted; and faculty news is also posted. This is helpful in recruitment as well. Word of mouth and personal connections are another key venue for bringing in prospects. Numbers of IU employees pursuing SLIS degrees on a part time basis are growing.

    Marketing – Rhonda Spencer has started discussion with University units about a joint-program graduate program brochure, which will include the MIS degree, and the Digital Libraries specialization for the MLS, Informatics and the Kelley School of Business.

    Faculty News – The MIS program was redesigned to have seven required courses which has greatly simplified the program; the changes were put into place this fall,.

    John Walsh is a new faculty member. He joins the faculty from the Digital Libraries unit at the IUB Libraries. He will be overseeing the Digital Libraries specialization, as well as an IMLS grant in this area. He also received an NEH, is working on development of CBML (comic book markup language), and serves as a board member for the Monroe County Public Library.

    Katy Borner has a number of NSF grants focused on information visualization, with links to bibliometrics. Her exhibit “Spaces & Places” is currently at the New York Public Library, and she just signed an agreement to do an exhibit every year for ten years. The exhibit may also travel internationally.

    Tom Nisonger recently published a new article and new book, and is considering retirement in the not too distant future.

    4. IUPUI Report – Marilyn Irwin

    The IUPUI campus, currently the campus with the largest number of IU graduate students in sum, brands itself as the “leading urban research campus in Indiana” – their goal is to be as recognizable and as respected as UCLA.

    The campus facilities are expanding; IU Simon Campus Center opens Jun 2008. Campus center will be opening in December 2007; recently a new Informatics and Law building was opened, and Herron School of Art moved into the renovated former Law building. The campus is partially residential, and three-quarters of IUPUI undergraduates are full time.

    Enrollment – 338 students, primarily part time (6% increase); credit hours currently stand at 1908.5 (almost a 10% increase). Over 100 graduates the last three years, compared to 38 in 2000. Many internship opportunities exist in Indianapolis, and this is a draw.

    IUPUI manages distance education for SLIS, including students at Gary, New Albany, Fort Wayne, and South Bend.

    Faculty news – Seeking to fill two new faculty positions.

    Rachel Applegate has received an IMLS grant in the amount of nearly $750,000, titled “Shaping Outcomes Continuing Education,” over three years. The program is instructor-mediated, and runs over the period of four weeks; cohorts begin throughout the year. This program will be also part of the ILF conference. For more information go to

    Katherine Schilling was awarded an IMLS grant of a little over $730,000 titled “Career Transitions Executive Leadership Program.”

    5. Alumni Reception & Activities Report – Sarah Burton

    SLIS Alumni receptions have been held at numerous professional conferences in 2007, including:
    1. ACRL, Baltimore, March
    2. MLA, Philadelphia, May
    3. SLA, Denver, June
    4. ALA Annual, Washington DC, June (nearly 85 attendees)
    5. AALL, New Orleans, July
    6. SAA, Chicago, August
    Other upcoming receptions and events planned prior to the Spring meeting:
    1. ILA (Illinois Library Association), Springfield IL, October
    2. ASIST, Milwaukee, Oct
    3. ILF/AIME, Indianapolis, Nov
    4. PLA, Minneapolis, March

    Attendance at events continues to rise.

    The Fall edition of the SLIS Network newsletter has been sent to press and the magazine should be ready to mail within a couple of weeks.

    The student chapters remain active, and the School provides some funding to each of the six student organizations.

    More details are available in the report distributed at the meeting.

    6. Matching the Promise Endowment Campaign Report – Vicky Martin

    Vicky had a total of 133 contacts last year with SLIS alumni (phone, in person etc.); she’s attended all the events, and has had twenty-five contacts since July 2007.

    88% of campaign goal has been reached. A $250,000 gift may be in the pipeline; due to the matching promise, this will be doubled.

    She hopes to encourage the documentation of these type of estate gifts sooner; this allows the donor to specify very particularly the conditions of the distribution. Also in our current campaign, the matching promise increases the impact.

    The Matching the Promise campaign for SLIS is still in a silent phase. FY06 giving shows the impact of focused attention from IUF, alumni receptions, Sarah’s time and other efforts. This campaign will go public November 3, 2007.

    There was discussion about possibly adjusting goal of our campaign; the goal was set at $1 million dollars and with the expected gift, giving will exceed that ($1.2 mil).

    There will be a targeted mailing to SLIS grads to market for the Matching the Promise campaign.

    Over $20,000 in gifts to the School’s Endowment were collected so far this year; $17000 pledges outstanding at the time of the meeting.

    7. Round Table Discussion

    There was discussion on ways to increase recruitment of a more diverse population to SLIS; how can the Alumni Board work with the School to leverage influence? Rhonda Spencer will be invited to attend our spring meeting for further discussion on this topic. Jerome, Lorelle, Marilyn, Keith and Howard will work together to pull together a report.

    Phil Young had major surgery a few weeks ago. Keith will send a card on behalf of the board.

    The spring meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 25, 2008, on the IU Bloomington campus, to coincide with the SLIS Graduation Luncheon.

    The meeting was adjourned at 4:40pm.


    The School of Library and Information Science Board of Directors

    Friday, April 27, 2007 on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University

    Jerome Conley, Karl Zacker, Sarah Burton, Blaise Cronin, Christina Bennett-Mcnew, Patricia Court, Courtney Greene, Keith Kuhn, Vicky Martin, Phillip Young, Debora Shaw, and Lorelle Swarder were present. Karl left at 2:33 and was replaced by Bridgette Sutton.

    James Wiser, Blanche Woolls and Beverly Martin teleconferenced into the meeting.

    President Kuhn called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.

    Curt Simic and Vicki Martin—IU Foundation
    Curt Simic gave an overview of the goals and expectations of the Foundation’s next campaign. He shared that this was an opportunity for the SLIS Board to work with the university in making connections with individuals who may help the Foundation in reaching its goal. Priorities for the campaign are set by the school or program. Ultimately, Indiana University can no longer afford to “major in minor things”. We must focus our energies on establishing “world-caliber” programs.

    Vicky Martin provided a power point presentation on some of her development efforts on behalf of SLIS.

    • 1/3 of time dedicated to SLIS
    • Identifying people to meet during visits
    • -We are currently at 85% of our goal—Do we need to raise it?
    • -Challenged us to get the annual group numbers up
    • Consider your own stretch
    • “High Touch” is more effective
    • The SLIS Board is the bridge between Alumni Association and Foundation

    New Board Members
    Keith introduced our two new Board members.

    • Christina—Works at ELI Lilly as a contract employee. She is the current president of SLA-Indiana Chapter
    • Phillip works for the University of Indianapolis where he is Director of the Libraries. He holds a PhD in Classical Archeology

    Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

    • Minutes from the September 16, 2006 meeting were approved with minor corrections.
    • Collected $4,054.50 in dues, $20.99 in interest, $4,075.49 in Income
    • Budget and Treasurer’s Report—2007/2008
      • Jerome moved and Pat seconded motion to accept the Financial Report
      • Budget--$5,506.00, increase $100.00.

    A presentation was made on Societies. Some of the issues presented:

    • Review timeline
      • Regular board meetings
      • Terms expired around limits
      • Different tools to help society (working on online tutorial for societies)
      • Policies and mission
      • Liaisons
      • How to measure how each society is doing
        • What are goals?
          • Assist in publishing newsletter
          • Hosts number of conferences throughout year
          • Award alumni award
          • Increase membership by a certain number
          • What are other stretch goals?
          • Plan to create an award program
          • Constituent Society Leadership conference
          • Setting a way to increase endowment campaign
        • The goals were passed by Phillip and seconded by Pat
    • Select Executive Committee
      • Matt’s move cause some geographic issues
      • Bev Martin has expressed an interest
        • Passed by unanimous consent—3 year term

    Dean’s Report

    • Adam Herbert retires in June 2007 and Michael McRobbie will replace him.
    • Internal search for provost
      • August 2007 is hopeful start date
    • Danny Callison is new Dean of Continuing Studies and is being replaced by Marilyn Irwin.
    • Enrollments at near historic highs on Indianapolis and the program is almost at its saturation point
    • Dean Cronin discussed some new programs
      • New certification in information architecture with Trustees approval
      • MLS and Health Informatics
      • Indianapolis to play on strength of strong medical program
      • Digital Library Specialization
    • SLIS is the only school that doesn’t have a full-time development officer
    • Scholarship remains at the core of the faculty efforts. Faculty is recognized nationally and internationally. It is vital that students have a world class faculty

    Associated Dean’s Report

    • Marilyn asked her to hand out brochure on health informatics
    • GCLA brochure distributed
    • Digital Libraries specialization in either program
    • Specialization in African Studies
    • Fall will be using new course lexicon replaced by S numbers
    • Information Sciences major was more rationalized
      • Students didn’t think that they were structuring coherent programs which was an outcome of the accreditation
    • Sarah
      • Shared some of the conferences that SLIS had a presence at since the last meeting and some of the future conferences that hope to attend.
    • Newsletter
    • SLIS Alumni magazine is out. The fall issue will focus on social informatics
    • Fall—Mid-Sep Theme, social informatics
    • Student chapters are pretty active and spending money that are given to them
    • Except groups under auspices of state
    • The Fall board meeting will take place Friday, September 14
    • Coincide with reception

    Distinguished Alumni Award
    We have begun making this presentation at ALA Annual Conference. Chaired by Jan Gillespie, the committee recommended Mary Beth Lauino,
    -Pat made a motion to pass and Blanche seconded

    • Beverly raised a concern about certification and Probe Report
      • Continuing education post-MLS primarily for public library
      • Who should represent SLIS for the Certification Board?

    A brief discussion followed.

    President Kuhn shared that he has enjoyed serving as president; however, we needed to establish a succession plan since he can’t serve as president forever. The Board approved the following succession plan:

    • Keith will serve as president for an additional year
    • Jerome will become vice-president/president elect
    • Courtney will assume responsibilities as secretary

    Bev moved and Lorelle seconded a motion to adjourn. Motion passed.

    After adjourning, there was a discussion held regarding the establishment of a Constituents Task Force and what are the duties of a Board member.


    The School of Library and Information Science Board of Directors

    Friday, September 15, 2006 on the campus of IUPUI.

    Jerome Conley, Courtney Greene, Bridget Sutton, Richard Steele, Lorelle Swader, Keith Kuhn, Bev Martin and Pat Court were present.

    James Wiser, Blanche Woolls and Matt Gullett teleconferenced into the meeting.

    IUB representatives: Sara Burton and Ralf Shaw
    IUPUI representatives: Marilyn Irwin and Danny Callison
    IUAA representative: Bridgette Sutton

    President Kuhn called the meeting to order at 2:50 p.m.

    Welcome and Introductions
    President Kuhn welcomed the new board members Lorelle Swader and Richard Steele to their first meeting. Current and new board members introduced themselves.

    Bridget delivered the IUAA membership report.

    • 927 current SLIS members in the Association
    • IUAA has had ten straight months of increasing membership
    • Bridget reminded board members that they must be current with IUAA in order to serve on the Alumni Board.
    • IUAA continues to identify new membership benefits.
    • The Annual Blood Drive “Roll Up Your Sleeves” between Indiana University and Purdue University will take place September 18 to November 10.

    Financial Statement
    The receipts received for the period were $901.00 dues and $1.44 for net income of $902.44. Combined with a carry-over balance of $433.95 for a current balance of $1336.49. The proposed budget for the upcoming year was presented. Approval of budget has been moved to Spring Meeting.

    Jerome moved and Beverly seconded to accept the IUAA report as presented. Motion passed.

    Minutes from Spring Meeting
    The Spring 2006 minutes were presented. Minor changes were made and a motion was made to accept the minutes with changes. Motion passed.

    SLIS IU at Bloomington

    • Dean Shaw highlighted the next issue of the SLIS Alumni Magazine. The focus will be on the civic library.
    • John Walsh joined faculty in August. He was previously Associate Director for Projects and Services for the IU Digital Library Program.
    • SLIS is in the process of renumbering and renaming courses to make figuring out the foundational courses more clear.
    • Enrollment is down a little this year. 130 new students enrolled this year in the program versus 141 from 2005.
    • Dean Shaw provided a profile of the students on Bloomington campus.
    • Dean Shaw reported that SLIS was once again ranked #1 I the nation in terms of faculty and program productivity for the second year.
    • Dean Blaise Cronin will receive the American Society for Information Science and Technology Award of Merit (the Society’s highest award) during their annual meeting in November. The Board directed President Kuhn to send a letter of congratulations to Dean Cronin.

    SLIS IU at Indianapolis
    President Kuhn thanked Executive Associate Dean Danny Callison for hosting the Board on the IUPUI campus. It has been an ongoing desire of the board to identify ways to engage the Indianapolis campus in Board activities and to have a board meeting on the campus.

    • Dean Callison highlighted dual programs offered by the Indpls campus. Some were unique to that campus including a masters with Health Informatics, a masters with philanthropic studies and a certificate for nonprofit management with SPEA as a
    • Dean Callison added that the Indpls. campus seeks to add to the overall IUB program and not to subtract from it. Most programs are still new and in their infancy.
    • Dr. Jean Preer has received a LISE 2006 National Teaching Excellence Award. The Board directed President Kuhn to send a letter of congratulations to Dr. Preer.
    • Dean Callison provided a profile of the Indpls. campus student who differs from his/her Blgtn. counterpart. The Indpls. student traditionally has 5-7 years of library experience, is a “non-traditional” student and expects his/her professor to understand what is going on in the profession.
    • Graduated 120 students with Master in Library Science. 50% of their students take advantage of the distance education aspect for the school.
    • 12 courses taught completely online. Developing dual degree program with museum studies

    Dean Callison also provided some institutional goals as well as divisional goals:

    • Make the campus an objective driven campus. Each department must have mission statement and track goals from one year to the next. They should also make goals for the next five years.
    • Activities are intended to add to the school.
    • Indpls. has attempted to “create a culture of why not?”
    • Diversity of the student body remains a priority. The School hopes to have at least 10% of the SLIS population composed of minority students by 2008.

    Sarah’s Report
    The spring meeting is Friday, April 27, 2006 on the Bloomington campus. This meeting will coincide with the spring reception for SLIS. A block of rooms have been reserved for this meeting. The fall meeting will take place September 14, 2007 on the IUPUI campus. The reception will follow that evening on the Bloomington campus.

    Sarah provided an overview of the recent receptions and their attendance.
    MLA- Phoenix 8 people
    SLA- Baltimore 14 people
    ALA- New Orleans 50 people
    AALL- St. Louis 40-45 people

    2006 marks the 40th Anniversary of SLIS as a school. Vicki Martin from the IU Foundation continues to help on the development side.

    SLIS continues to identify ways to reach out to alumni.

    Board Membership
    Keith and Bridget have been asked to clarify membership terms. They are reviewing the bylaws and will provide a report before the next board meeting. Two individuals were nominated for a three-year term commencing Spring 2007. Philip Howard Young, the Library Director of the University of Indianapolis, and Christina McNeal from Infotrive were nominated for their connections with the Indianapolis campus. Motion made and passed unanimously.

    The Board also elected Bev Martin to the Board as the membership chair.

    Bridget will develop an orientation packet with position descriptions for new members and officers as well as expectations. Issues for new members and officers to be aware of include attending meetings twice per year and supporting IU Foundation. The president’s duties include meeting preparation, preparing the agenda, working with IUAA and representatives from other schools, and the community, and attending SLIS/IU sponsored receptions/functions.

    Bylaws will need updating in the spring.

    Major Endowment
    Indiana University has launched the silent phase of its next capital campaign. Vicky will provide more information about the campaign during the spring meeting.

    The meeting adjourned 5:40 p.m.


    IU SLIS Alumni Association Board

    Meeting Minutes
    April 28, 2006

    The Indiana University SLIS Alumni Board met on April 28, 2006 in the DeVault Center on the Blooming campus in attendance at the meeting were Ralf Shaw, Paula Schmidt, Matt Gullett, Mr. Conley Conley, Keith Kuhn, Courtney Greene, Sara Bushong, Pat Court and Mr. Wiser Wiser. Blanche Woolls and Paula Schmidt teleconferenced in for the meeting.

    IUB SLIS staff: Ralf Shaw and Sara Burton

    IUI staff: Marilyn Irwin

    IUAA staff: Karl Zacker and Ms. Sutton Sutton

    President Keith Kuhn called the meeting to order at 2:02 p.m.

    President Kuhn welcomed the Board to the spring meeting. President Kuhn announced that IUAA liaison Karl Zacker has taken on new responsibilities within IUAA and will no longer serve as IUAA liaison to SLIS. Mr. Kuhn thanked Mr. Zacker for his service to SLIS and introduced Mr. Zacker’s replacement, Ms. Sutton Sutton. Mr. Zacker highlighted his new responsibilities.

    IUAA Report
    Ms. Sutton provided an overview of SLIS alumni membership during the first four months of the year. There has been a decrease in annual memberships but growth in lifetime during the period Overall SLIS alumni membership remains at 14% of eligible memberships which is consistent with other programs.

    Ms. Sutton also provided the financial report as of April 1, 2006. The total income received to date was $4,094.91. Expenses for the period were $1,739.97. The beginning balance was $139.22 and the current balance is $2,494.16. Ms. Sutton reminded the Board that the fiscal year for IUAA now runs from July 1, through June 30th. Mr. Conley moved and Mr. Wiser seconded the motion to accept the IUAA Report as presented. Motion passed.

    Report from Dean Shaw
    Dean Shaw discussed the concept of SLIS being a “core campus” She also shared that SLIS is actively looking at ways to raise the profile of both the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses. Recently, US News and World Report ranked SLIS 7th in the nation. SLIS is the highest ranked program of any school on the Bloomington campus despite having a smaller budget and less professors than any other school. It is perceived that SLIS is “punching above its weight”.

    Ron Day will join the faculty on the Bloomington campus this fall. He completed his PhD in comparative literature from SUNY Binghamton. His MLIS is from Berkeley.

    June Fry passed away in early April. Dean Shaw anticipates that a fellowship will be established in honor of the contributions of Mrs. Fry and her husband Bernie to SLIS.

    SLIS faculty members continue to seek external funding to fund their research. Over $7 million dollars has been secured during the past 3 years.

    The SLIS library will be repurposed into an Information Commons during the summer of 2006. It will also include some general and group study spaces.

    Dean Shaw also provided an update on the enrollment in the various programs. She also discussed ways that the school is looking to develop classes for undergraduates in order to lure them into information science.

    Alumni Receptions and Activities
    The meeting for the fall will be on September 15, 2006 on the Indianapolis campus. The SLIS annual Faculty, Staff, Student Reception will take place later that evening at Woodburn House. The spring meeting – graduation luncheon will be on April 27, 2007. Ms. Burton will reserve a block of rooms at the IMU for the out-of-towners.

    Staff continues to identify ways to increase the program’s presence with alumni through receptions and support to various communities. There were recently two receptions held in Bloomington and Indianapolis. The Ohio Valley Technical Librarians will meet in Bloomington in May. SLIS is a co-sponsor of the conference.

    The alumni reception will take place June 25, 2006 from 5:30-7:30 at the Embassy Suites in New Orleans during the ALA Annual Conference.

    Ms. Burton also provided an update on the SLIS’ support of the various student professional chapters.

    Campus Alumni
    Marilyn Irwin provided an overview of the student and activities on the Indianapolis campus. She also provided GIS maps of MLS and MIS alumni throughout the United States and the world. Her data indicated that we have at least one graduate in all fifty states. Strong cohorts of alumni are in Indianapolis, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Dayton and the District of Columbia.

    There is only one alumni association at Indiana University SLIS. How do we make sure that the board represents the interests of both campuses? Hopefully, we can continue to identify ways to get Indianapolis campus alumni’s presence on the board. Ms. Irwin will continue to serve as the staff liaison to the Board for the Indianapolis campus.

    Distinguished Alumni Award
    James H. Fish was nominated to receive the Distinguished Service Award. Mr. Fish is a 1971 SLIS graduate. He is the director of the Baltimore Co. Public Library. Hennen’s American Public Library Rating (HAPLR) recently rated the system 4th in the 500K population in their 2005 survey. He was commended for effective and efficient use of tax dollars. He is a recipient of the SIRSI/Dynix/ALA/APA award for attempting to improve pay for his staff. Mr. Conley moved and Mr. Wiser seconded that Mr. Wiser H. Fish be the recipient of this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award. Motion passed.

    The award will be presented to Mr. Fish at the SLIS reception during the 2006 ALA Conference in New Orleans.

    Nominations Committee
    There are currently five board openings. The nominations committee presented a slate of two people: Lorelle Swader serves as the Director of the Office of Human Resource Development and Recruitment of the ALA Headquarters. She is a 1986 graduate of SLIS. Richard Steele is a 1976 graduate. He is currently the Senior Vice President and CFO of Vienna Beef Ltd in Chicago, Illinois. Ms. Woolls moved and Mr. Gullett seconded the slate as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

    IU Foundation
    Eileen Savage has accepted new responsibilities with the IU Foundation. Ms. Martin will replace her. Ms. Martin is currently the Senior Analyst for Major Gifts at the Foundation. A new initiative that Ms. Martin would like to explore is a peer screening process in order to ascertain an alumnus/a ability/capacity to give to SLIS Ms. Martin will be invited to the fall meeting in order to provide additional information about the peer screening process. The economies of scale by the profession were discussed in context of this initiative.

    The Foundation also plans to announce a new major campaign this fall.

    Mr. Gullett has accepted a new position in Charlotte, NC. He has expressed a willingness to stay on the alumni board. However, the Board may need to replace him on the Alumni Association General Council. Bev Martin is the alternate to the Council.

    President Kuhn thanked everyone for their attendance (in person as well as via phone) and encouraged everyone to attend the fall meeting which will take place on the Indianapolis campus.

    Adjournment adjourned at 4:15 pm


    The School of Library and Information Science Board of Directors

    Friday, September 16, 2005 in the DeVault Center on the Bloomington campus.

    Sarah Burton, Jerome Conley, Courtney Greene, Blanche Woolls, Keith Kuhn, Ralf Shaw, Bev Martin, Pat Court, and Karl Zacker attended this meeting.

    Susan Cott, Library Director of Ivy Technology and President of Beta Phi Mu – Chi Chapter also attended the meeting.

    President Kuhn called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.

    Approval of Spring 2005 minutes (Corrections were made to the Spring 2005 Minutes)
    Vice-president/president-elect Kevin Butterfield announced his resignation from the board effective immediately. As a result, Keith Kuhn was re-elected to serve another term as president. Jerome Conley was re-elected as secretary.

    Courtney Greene’s name was misspelled throughout the minutes.

    Minutes passed as corrected.

    Welcome and Introductions
    President Kuhn welcomed Blanche Woolls and Pat Court to their first meeting. Current and new board members introduced themselves.

    President Kuhn introduced Ms. Cott who serves as president of the local Beta Phi Mu chapter . Ms. Cott gave an overview of the Chapter and its current activities. Additionally, she sought ways to partner with SLIS on future initiatives.

    The Board also discussed with Ms. Cott ways to identify potential members for the chapter

    Dean’s Report
    Dean Cronin is out of the country. Dean Shaw provided the report on his behalf.

    Dean Shaw distributed various brochures, which will be used as part of the new marketing campaign and are the standard colors of the University

    A contest is currently underway to help redesign the SLIS website. A $1000 dollar prize goes to the winner.

    Dean Shaw provided a graph outlining the distribution of students in the various programs. She shared that the MIS program has not grown as much as we anticipated.

    • There are currently 239 total students enrolled on both campuses.
    • 3 Special students enrolled
    • 98 Indianapolis students enrolled
    • 111 Bloomington students enrolled
    • 17 MIS students enrolled
    • 10 Dual students enrolled

    Indiana University President Adam Herbert believes that the university is not securing external funding at the level it should. Fortunately, SLIS research funding remains high. The program has nearly 13 million dollars of external funding and grants during the past 3 years.

    The focus of the spring newsletter will be on research and its connection to the community, students, and faculty.

    Bloomington campus is up for reaccredidation this year. The University will emphasize its connections to the greater Bloomington community and service learning.

    There are three candidates for chancellor of the Bloomington campus position. The university is also looking for a new Dean of the University Libraries. Pat Steele will be interim for two years replacing Suzanne Thorin who is going to Syracuse University.

    SLIS has hired Dale Wray to serve as webmaster for the Bloomington campus. They are also conducting two searches for new faculty members on the Bloomington campus.

    They have received official notification from ALA that both programs have been reaccredited

    Report on SLIS Alumni and Development Activities, Fall Semester, 2005
    (provided by Sarah Burton)



    September 10, 2005
    Fall issue of SLIS Network sent to press. Expected distribution to Alumni and Friends of SLIS should occur between Oct 1 and October 15. We have increased our Friends list to include admissions and alumni groups at small colleges and universities – particularly those in areas where we are advertising and distributing materials (East Coast campuses).

    June 6, 2005
    SLIS participated in the Alumni & Student Reception during the annual conference of the Special Libraries Association, in Toronto, on Monday, June 6, 2005, 5:30-7:30p.m. SLIS was one of 18 schools that participated. SLIS was represented by MLS/MIS graduate student, Fawn Blackwell. Karl Zacker has provided some funding from his IUAA budget to help support this reception. Eighteen people stopped by our table at the reception, which is a rather good gathering. We posted the reception on the InSLA listserv, to let our alumni know that SLIS would be at the meeting. Future annual conferences will take place in Baltimore, Denver, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

    June 22, 2005
    SLIS hosted three tables (eight people each) for SLIS alumni and friends at the 2005 Mini University luncheon, “Lunch with the Schools”. Each table included a faculty member along with guests; Howard Rosenbaum, Tom Nisonger, and Lokman Meho were faculty who represented SLIS. Mini-University is is a very popular event at I.U., with participant ages ranging widely. Cost for this activity was less than $300. We had the opportunity to give away small SLIS and IUAA items. This was SLIS’ first year to participate. Law, Music and Informatics did not participate. Most were not SLIS alums, but with our materials, and questions that were asked, this was an opportunity for SLIS to have presence on this campus and beyond. Also, our participation supports the IU Alumni Association, as this is one of their events.

    June 26, 2005
    A reception for SLIS alumni was held at Café Ba-Ba-Reeba! on Sunday evening, June 26, 5:30-7:30p.m. during the annual conference of the American Library Association meeting in Chicago. There were between 50-60 people who attended. Keith presented the annual Distinguished Alumni award to Dr. Bradley Schaffner during the reception. The interest in, and comments from our alumni indicate that they are appreciative that we are making opportunities to connect. Interest was generated by our being able to announce the reception in our SLIS Network spring issue, and by posting on the SLIS alumni-l listserv. The next conference is scheduled for New Orleans in late June, 2006.

    July 18, 2005, AALL
    SLIS hosted a reception at the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Librarians, San Antonio, Texas on Monday, July 18th. SLIS Board Member Pat Court made all of the arrangements for the reception. It was a wonderful turnout with 16 people attending. It is especially helpful to SLIS when Board members or alumni take the initiative in planning receptions.

    September 16, 2005
    SLIS Alumni Board Meeting, time & place, to be announced
    SLIS annual Faculty, Staff, Student Reception, Woodburn House, 7:30-9:00 p.m.

    October, 2005
    ASIS&T, annual conference combined alumni reception, Charlotte, NC

    October or November, 2005
    SLIS Reception at another Indiana location, either Evansville or Fort Wayne is planned for the fall semester.

    January, 2006
    SLIS colors will change to Cream and Crimson, to be consistent with Indiana University colors. We anticipate that all units will be asked to change to cream and crimson colors at some point. SLIS is making its change now.

    March, 2006
    Bloomington alumni reception, Woodburn House
    Indianapolis area (Danny, with Marilyn Irwin, will be planning)
    Regional reception, To be determined, perhaps Evansville

    SLIS Alumni Board meeting, time and place, to be announced
    SLIS Graduating Students Luncheon

    IU Alumni Association Report

    2 SLIS students, Tom Sparrenberger and Travis Ross, have benefited the Association lately through internships. Tom is working with chapters while Travis is working on web appearance for all sites

    The Association will be looking for a new president soon. Under Ken Buckley’s leadership, the Association developed a strategic plan for 2005 – 2010.

    The Association’s Affinity partnership with MBNA expires soon. Currently, the Association receives from the partnership; however, new affinity partnerships haven’t been as lucrative to institutions.

    The Association is continuing to identify ways to increase its endowment.

    The 150th anniversary of the school went well. The Association hopes to enhance its international presence in the upcoming years.

    The IUAA is now on the same fiscal year as the rest of campus (Foundation and University)

    Karl reported a 13% overall membership for SLIS

    Hurricane Katrina – IU’s response
    Karl and Ralf provided an overview of the University, the Foundation, and SLIS responses to Hurricane Katrina

    New Business
    Engaging students – other constituent organizations have student representation on the Boards whereas we do not. It would be nice to a have current student perspective on the SLIS Board

    Bev moved to create a student representative seat from each campus with full voting privilege to be recommended by the Dean. The motion passed.

    Appointment of the SLIS rep to the Executive board of IUAA.

    Matt Gaullett was re-nominated to serve as the SLIS representative, with Bev Martin nominated as the alternate. The motion passed.

    How can we engage Indianapolis alumni into this group?

    • Membership on board representing alumni from Indianapolis program
    • Hold Board meeting in Indianapolis
    • Invite Danny Callison to meetings with the approval from the Dean

    New Members

    Forward names of possible new board members to Keith by October 15. The Board as a whole will serve as the nominating committee. We currently have 5 vacancies. The membership should represent all fields of the school. We will also need to elect a new VP to replace Kevin. Eligible members include – Courtney, Jerome, Matt, Bev, and Jim.

    The Spring meeting will take place on April 28. We will update Board photos at that meeting.

    Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.