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Class Projects that Contribute to the Larger Community

  • S512 Design of Information Systems: Service learning focuses on redesigning a website for a local or virtually accessible business. On the first day of class, students are divided into teams and each team is paired with a local business that has been screened for suitability. Each team then has to negotiate the scope of the project with its client and then conduct research that includes hardware and software, socio-technical, and information architecture analyses. Clients have included Renaissance Rentals, Montana State University Libraries, IU School of Fine Arts Gallery, IU Project for Academic Success, Berne Public Library, Events in Bloomington, and Get Your Rental Home.
  • S532 Information Architecture for the Web: Students learn the latest markup languages thoroughly and then create websites for local or virtually accessible businesses (photographer, restaurant, bridal store, classic video rental), artisans (piano tuner, potter, basketweaver), libraries (University of Wisconsin Digital Collections, Indiana University Libraries Web Laboratory, Warren County Public Library), and public service agencies (Books as Bridges, Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project, Summer Science Camp), among many others (see
  • S533 Online Searching: For their final assignment, students assist a social science faculty member with his or her research project. For example, working with a history professor to understand the effects of the military reputation of the Spartans in ancient Greece, a journalism professor to conduct literature reviews on the French tradition of humanisms in magazine photojournalism, a telecommunications professor to investigate the lack of news media coverage of the science on which new government mammogram recommendations were based.
  • S524 Adult Readers Advisory: Students can choose either to provide reading lists for five individuals or to create a book list for a public library. Those who work with libraries can benefit from the expertise of the library staff. Students have worked on themed reading lists, from vampire fiction to consumer-level information technology, and many created accompanying bookmarks or handouts on their topics.
  • S556 Systems Analysis and Design: For the final project, students use a variety of information systems analysis and problem-solving tools and approaches. Clients have included: City of Bloomington Information Systems Department, Indiana University Archives, Cummins Engine Company, Jazz Music Library, Indiana University Physical Plant, and the Indiana University Adaptive Technology Center.
  • S603 Workshop in Library and Information Science – Grant Writing for Librarians: Students have prepared grant proposals for: Indiana State University to develop e-book collection, for Spring Mill Elementary School to acquire a digital camera collection for forth and fifth grade students, and for the Bunker Hill Elementary School in Franklin, IN to host an author event. Success in a grant competition is an added bonus for many in this workshop—a thrilling point of connection with their professional plans.
  • S644 Consumer Health Informatics: Through service learning projects students work with the Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication (ICIC) and other local healthcare agencies to develop content for the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center (IUSCC) cancer information website. Working with ICIC allows students to develop content that focuses on the health and information needs of low literacy audiences and minorities across Indiana.