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Examples from SLIS courses

  • S542 International Information Issues: Students explore a changing range of issues that arise around the basic concept of international flow of information. Most recently, the issues revolved around the challenges of information access and included: 1) literacies of many different types including numeracy and visual literacy, 2) political issues such as transparency, and 3) the impacts of the media, freedom of speech, and corruption on the right to access information.
  • S635 Ontologies: Ontologies are approached as a fundamental construct allowing intelligent information processing among machines and that is one foundation for the semantic web. The course is a good example of a response to technological and global change because it integrates a socio-cultural approach to ontology development with a more technological approach to the functions and practical applications of ontologies in the networked environment.
  • S656 Information Technology Standardization: Students learn about and work with advanced applications of XML and related technologies as they are used in digital document publishing. This includes exposure to TEI, DocBook, Open Publication Structure, and digital publishing systems, including Cocoon and XTF.