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Examples from SLIS courses

  • S572 Youth Services: Students learn about the structure and functions of a youth services department focusing on programming, outreach services, reference, and physical planning. They read about and discuss what is involved in the provision of programming and services to children and teens including underserved groups.
  • S580 History of Libraries: As students learn about the history of libraries from Mesopotamia and the Alexandrian Library to 20th century libraries, they read about and discuss women’s roles in librarianship, multiculturalism, and public libraries.
  • S622 Resources and Services for People with Disabilities: Students read and discuss the range of materials, services, and assistive technologies available to meet the needs of people with various types of disabilities. As they learn to identify specific materials and services to support specific needs, the students consider how to apply format and equipment modifications related to universal access to information by people with disabilities, analyze outreach efforts to contact people with disabilities, understand relevant legal issues, and assess the information needs of families of people with disabilities.