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Examples from SLIS courses

  • S501 Reference: Students learn about the importance of remaining current in a fast moving field. Among other topics, they read and reflect upon the implications of providing and evaluating virtual reference services and of web and library 2.0 technologies for the future of librarianship.
  • S506 Introduction to Research: Students learn about the conduct of research and the elements of research design, with the goal of developing a good foundation for future learning and the ability to apply scientific thinking in their personal and professional lives.
  • S510 Introduction to Information Science: After working in small groups over the semester to investigate careers in information science, students present their findings to the class at the end of the term. Among the topics they consider are the academic and professional resources that support people in these careers and the professional organizations that they are likely to join (e.g., ACM, ASIST, AIS, SIGCHI, CPSR, SCIP). Understanding both the resources available and the professional organizations through which the field advances are important parts of life-long learning and professional development.