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Examples from SLIS courses

Courses Added Since 2005
S550 Perspectives on Librarianship
S552 Academic Library Management (developed from L550)
S553 Public Library Management (developed from L550)
S585 Records Management
S622 Resources and Services for People with Disabilities (developed from L620)
S623 Genealogy and Local History
S631 Advanced Cataloging (developed from L597)
S635 Ontologies (developed from L697)
S636 Semantic Web (developed from L597)
S642 Content Analysis for the Web (developed from L597)
S650 Library Philanthropy
S683 Reference Sources for Rare Books (developed from L620)
S690 Capstone in Information Architecture
S703 Doctoral Research Practicum II

Courses Renamed Since 2005
S501 Reference (was L524 Information Sources and Services)
S503 Representation and Organization (was L505 Organization and Representation of Knowledge and Information)
S504 Cataloging (was L520 Bibliographic Access and Control)
S505 Evaluation of Resources and Services (was L651 Evaluation of Library Sources and Services)
S506 Introduction to Research (was L509 Introduction to Research and Statistics)
S511 Database Design (was L546 User-Centered Database Design)
S512 Information Systems Design (was L577 Design of Information Systems)
S514 Social Aspects of Information Technology (was L564 Computerization in Society)
S515 Information Architecture (was L540 Foundations of Information Architecture)
S516 Human-Computer Interaction (was L542 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction)
S517 Web Programming (was L548 Computer Programming for Information Management)
S520 Information Seeking and Use (was L503 User Needs and Behavior in Theory and Practice)
S521 Humanities Information (was L623 Information in the Humanities)
S522 Social Science Information (was L625 Information in the Social Sciences)
S523 Science and Technology Information (was L624 Information in Science and Technology)
S524 Adult Readers Advisory (was L622 Library Materials for Adults)
S525 Government Information (was L628 Government Information: Collection, Organization, Dissemination)
S526 Business Information (was L629 Business Information Sources)
S533 Online Searching (was L570 Online Information Retrieval)
S534 Information Retrieval: Theory and Practice (was L641 Information Storage and Retrieval Theory)
S541 Information Policy (was L563 Information Policies, Economics and the Law)
S551 Library Management (was L527 Management of Libraries and Information Centers)
S554 Library Systems (was L526 Library Automation)
S571 Materials for Youth (was L533 Library Materials for Children and Young Adults)
S572 Youth Services (was L535 Library Services for Children and Young Adults)
S581 Archives and Records Management (was L516 Introduction to Archives and Records Management)
S582 Preservation (was L514 Preservation of Library and Information Resources)
S583 Rare Book Librarianship (was L587 Rare Book Libraries and Librarianship)
S584 Manuscripts (was L586 Administration of Manuscripts and Personal Papers Collections)
S601 Directed Readings (was L600 Readings in Library and Information Science)
S602 Directed Research (was L594 Research in Library and Information Science)
S603 Workshop in Library and Information Science (was L595 Workshop for Librarians and Information Professionals)
S621 Audio and Video Sources (was L552 Audio and Video Information Sources and Delivery)
S629 Topics in Information Sources and Services (was L620 Topics in Information, Literature, and Bibliography)
S633 Indexing (was L583 Indexing Theory and Practice)
S651 Art Librarianship (was L630 Seminar in Art Librarianship)
S653 Health Sciences Librarianship (was L559 Introduction to Health Science Librarianship)
S654 Law Librarianship (was L530 Legal Bibliography and Law Library Administration)
S655 Music Librarianship (was L631 Seminar in Music Librarianship)
S661 Concepts and Contemporary Issues in Human-Computer Interaction (was L642 Information Usage and the Cognitive Artifact)
S671 School Media (was L553 The School Library Media Specialist)
S672 Seminar on Literature for Youth (was L633 Seminar on Issues and Trends in Children’s or Young Adult Literature
S680 The Book to 1450 (was L588 History of the Book to 1450)
S681 The Book 1450 to Present (was L589 History of the Book 1450 to Present)
S701 Introduction to Doctoral Research in Information Science (was L701 Introduction to Doctoral Research in Library and Information Science)
S702 Doctoral Research Practicum I (was L702 Research Practicum)
S706 Introduction to Research (was L709 Introduction to Research and Statistics)
S710 Doctoral Research Practicum III (was L710 Research in Library and Information Science)
S765 Doctoral Research in Information Science (was L765 Research in Information Systems)
S790 Dissertation Proposal in Information Science (was L790 Seminar in Doctoral Research)

Courses Removed Since 2005
L140 Information Resources and Student Research
L150 Information Sources in Telecommunication
L155 Information Resources in Journalism
L161 Library Skills and Resources
L522 Perspectives on Librarianship, Literacy, Communications, Reading
L534 Principles and Techniques of Storytelling
L550 Issues in the Management of Library Services and Programs
L562 Information Accounting
L592 Bibilometric Techniques and Problems
L605 Seminar in Education for Librarianship and Information Science
L697 Advanced Topics in Information Systems