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Table 2.10 shows with required and recommended courses for students interested in these career paths

Courses Information Architecture Human-Computer Interaction Information Retrieval Information Management
S510 Introduction to Information Science R R R R
S511 Database Design R R R R
S512 Information Systems Design X X X X
S513 Organizational Informatics R R R R
S514 Social Aspects of Information Technology X X X X
S515 Information Architecture R R R R
S516 Human-Computer Interaction R R R R
S517 Web Programming R/X R/X R/X R/X
S519 Evaluation of Information Systems X X X X
S520 Information Seeking and Use     X  
S532 Information Architecture for the Web X X X X
S533 Online Searching     X  
S534 Information Retrieval_ Theory and Practice X   X  
S541 Information Policy       X
S542 International Information Issues       X
S543 Computer-Mediated Communication X X    
S544 Gender and Computerization X X X X
S555 Strategic Intelligence       X
S556 Systems Analysis and Design R R R R
S561 User Interface Design for Information Systems X X X  
S605 Internship in Library and Information Science X X X X
S633 Indexing X   X  
S634 Metadata X   X  
S635 Ontologies X   X  
S636 Semantic Web X X X  
S637 Information Visualization X X X  
S641 Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis   X X  
S643 The Information Industry X X X X
S652 Digital Libraries X X X  
S656 Information Technology Standardization       X
S661Concepts and Contemporary Issues in Human-Computer Interaction   X    
S662 Interface Design for Collaborative Information Spaces X X X X
S690 Capstone in Information Architecture X