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Table 2.11 Core, required, and specialization elective courses for specializations in Archives and Records Management, Rare Books and Manuscripts, and Music Librarianship

Courses Archives and Records Management Rare Books and Manuscripts Music Librarianship
S401 R R R
S501 R R R
S503 or S504 R R R
S505, S506, or S519 R R R
S552, S551, S671, or S553 R R R
S580 History of Libraries   X S581 Archives and Records Management
S582 Preservation X X  
S583 Rare Book Librarianship   R  
S584 Manuscripts X X  
S603 Workshop X X  
S604 Topics X X  
S605 Internship R R R
S652 Digital Libraries   X  
S655 Music Librarianship     R
S680 The Book to 1450   X  
S681 The Book 1450 to the Present   X  
S683 Reference Sources for Rare Books   X  
S684 Descriptive Bibliography   X  
S685 Electronic Records Management   X  
Music M539 Music Bibliography     R