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Table 2.2 SLIS courses address content areas of Standard II.2

Course Content Area MLS Core Courses MIS Core Courses Electives (examples)
information and knowledge creation S501, S502 S510, S517 S532, S541, S550, S580, S640, S652, S656
communication S551, S552, S553, S671 S510, S513 S512, S514, S543, S554, S583, S650, S651, S653, S654, S655
identification, selection, acquisition S502 S510, S513 S523, S524, S525, S526, S531, S571, S581, S582, S583, S584, S621, S622
organization and description, storage and retrieval S503, S504 S510, S511, S515 S533, S534, S554, S581, S582, S631, S632, S633, S634, S635, S636, S635, S636, S637, S684, S685
preservation S502 S511 S571, S581, S582, S584, S621, S652
analysis, interpretation, evaluation, synthesis, dissemination S505, S506, S556 S510, S513, S516, S519 S512, S514, S515 S520, S541, S542, S543, S544, S555, S602, S640, S641, S642, S643, S661
management S551, S552, S553, S671 S510, S513 S514, S554, S583, S650, S651, S653, S654, S655, S685