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Table 2.3 SLIS courses addressing ALA core competences

ALA Competence MLS core courses MIS core courses Electives
1. Foundations of the Profession S506 S510, S556 S550, S580, S583, S640, S651, S654, S655
2. Information Resources S501, S502, S505 S510, S513 S512, S522, S523, S524, S525, S526, S533, S534, S555, S571, S581, S582, S583, S584, S585, S621, S622, S629, S634, S635, S654, S655, S672, S683
3. Organization of Recorded Knowledge and Information S502, S503, S504 S511, S513, S515, S556 S531, S533, S534, S554, S581, S631, S632, S633, S634, S635, S636, S652, S680, S681, S684, S685
4. Technological Knowledge and Skills S401, S504, S505, S519 S510, S511, S515, S516, S517, S556 S512, S514, S532, S533, S554, S582, S603, S631, S633, S636, S637, S652, S656, S661, S684
5. Reference and User Services S501, S591 S516 S520, S521, S522, S523, S524, S525, S526, S533, S572, S573, S574, S622, S623, S629, S671, S672
6. Research S505, S506, S519 S510, S513, S516, S556 S512, S534, S543, S544, S602, S690
7. Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning S501, S573, S574 S510 S605
8. Administration and Management S519, S551, S552, S553, S671 S510, S513 S541, S542, S554, S583, S643, S650, S651, S653, S654, S655