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Table 2.4 Required and electives courses map to MLS program goals

Goal and Objectives SLIS Courses (required courses bolded)
• Assist and educate users
~ Analyze and identify the information needs of diverse communities of users
~ Educate users and potential users to locate, use, and evaluate information resources and tools
~ Analyze and evaluate information systems and services in a variety of settings
S501, S510, S521, S522, S523, S524, S525, S526, S533, S672, S571, S572, S573, S574, S622, S623, S672
• Develop and manage collections of information resources
~ Design and apply policies and procedures that support the selection and acquisition of information resources for particular communities of users
~ Manage, evaluate, and preserve physical and virtual collections of information resources
~ Uphold ethical and legal standards in acquiring, leasing, preserving, and providing access to information resources
S502, S554, S571, S581, S582, S584, S585, S621, S622, S652, S684
• Represent and organize information resources
~ Understand and apply principles of representation and organization
S503, S504, S515, S520, S531, S533, S631, S632, S633, S634, S635, S636, S565, S684, S685
• Manage and lead libraries and other information organizations
~ Perform basic managerial functions, including planning, budgeting, and performance evaluation
~ Communicate effectively to a variety of audiences
~ Apply theories of organizational behavior and structure
S513, S551, S552, S553, S554, S556, S583, S602, S650, S651, S653, S654, S655, S671
• Use research effectively
~ Design, conduct, interpret, and take action based upon research and evaluation
S505, S506, S519, S556, S602
• Deploy information technologies in effective and innovative ways
~ Implement and evaluate information and communication technologies for efficiency, usability, and value to users
S401, S511, S512, S516, S517, S532, S554, S556, S637, S643, S652, S656
• Approach professional issues with understanding
~ Understand the social, political, ethical, and legal aspects of information creation, access, ownership, service, and communication
~ Anticipate emerging trends and respond proactively
S501, S502, S513, S514, S541, S542, S550, S555, S580, S640, and many other elective courses