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Table 2.6 Comparison of MIS curriculum before and after 2007

Prior to 2007* Fall 2007-Present
S401 Computer-Based Information Tools
Technology Literacy Requirement**
Foundation (12 hours):
S510 Introduction to Information Science

S511 User-Centered Database Design
S512 Design of Information Systems

S513 Organizational Informatics
S514 Computerization and Society

S506 Introduction to Research and Statistics
S519 Evaluation of Information Systems
Requirements (21 hours):
S510 Introduction to Information Science
S511 Database Design
S513 Organizational Informatics
S515 Information Architecture
S516 Human-Computer Interaction
S556 Systems Analysis and Design
Programming Requirement ***
MIS Specialization (3 hours):
S515 Foundations of Information Architecture
S516 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
S517 Computer Programming for Information Management
S518 Communication in Electronic Environments
Electives (21 hours)
Electives (27 hours)  
Total: 42 hours + S401 Total: 42 hours

*In 2006 the faculty reviewed all SLIS course titles and numbers. Several courses were renamed and almost all were renumbered (see Developing New Courses, Renaming and Removing Courses from the Curriculum).

**Technology Literacy Requirement: SLIS expects entering MIS students to have a basic level of computer literacy, meaning a familiarity with basic applications that will be used throughout the coursework. S401 provides this preparation. Entering MIS students are not required to take this course, but are responsible for the knowledge and skills taught in S401. Students who cannot demonstrate the required skills upon entry are advised to take S401 in their second semester.

***Programming Requirement (3 credit hours). Options to meet this requirement: 1) Take a SLIS programming course(s): S517 or two S603 (programming) workshops, 2) Take a graduate level programming course in another IU department as part of the six credit hours of allowed outside coursework, 3) Waive the requirement by completing a course waiver form, which must be approved by the MIS Program Director. (If the course is waived, then a student would have an additional 3 credit hours of electives.)