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Table 2.7 SLIS courses with prerequisites

  S401 Computer-based information tools S501 Reference S502 Collection Development and Management S503 Representation and Organization S504 Cataloging S510 Introduction to Information Science S571 Materials for Youth Other
S501 Reference X              
S504 Cataloging X              
S505 Evaluation of Resources and Services X X X     X * (MIS)    
S506 Introduction to Research X X X     X* (MIS)    
S511 Database Design X              
S512 Information Systems Design X              
S513 Organizational Informatics X*              
S517 Web Programming X              
S519 Evaluation of Information Systems X X X     X* (MIS)    
S532 Information Architecture for the Web X              
S533 Online Searching X              
S534 Information Retrieval: Theory and Practice X              
S554 Library Systems X              
S572 Youth Services             X  
S573 Education of Information Users   X (or S516)            
S631 Advanced Cataloging         X      
S632 Technical Services               S55X (management courses)
S633 Indexing         X (or S515)      
S634 Metadata       X (or S 515)        
S635 Ontologies               S634 Metadata
S640 Seminar in Intellectual Freedom               9 SLIS graduate credit hours
S642 Content Analysis for the Web X              
S651 Art Librarianship               Fine Arts A575
S652 Digital Libraries               S532 Information Arch. for the Web
S653 Health Sciences Librarianship   X            
S654 Law Librarianship   X            
S655 Music Librarianship               Music M539
S656 Information Technology Standardization X              
S671 School Media   X         X  
S672 Seminar on Literature for Youth             X  
S683 Reference Sources for Rare Books   X (or S684)            
* Minimum number of SLIS graduate credits also required