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Table 3.3 Part time, non-tenure track faculty, fall 2005-fall 2011

Faculty Member Campus Dates Status
Highest Degree, Degree-granting Institution, Year Granted, Discipline
Backs, StevenBLN2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 1994, LIS
Baich, TinaIUPUI2011-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Baugh, HopeIUPUI2001-2009Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1985
Bevilacqua, AnnIUPUI2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MS in Lib Sci., Drexel, 1978
Bloomfield, CelestineIUPUI2003-2009Adjunct Lecturer
MSLS, Case Western , 1975
Boland, SusanIUPUI2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MS, Univ. of IL, 1993
JD, Northern IL, 1997
Buckley, KeithBLN2006-2011Adjunct Assistant Professor
MLS, Indiana University, 1980, LIS
Burk, BrendaIUPUI2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MA, Univ. of Wis-Madison,
Canary, JimBLN2006Adjunct Lecturer
BA, Indiana University, 1979, Independent Learning
Carr, MelodieIUPUI2005-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MFA, Univ. of Alabama,
Casey, MichaelBLN2008-2009Adjunct Lecturer
M.A., University of North Carolina
Cash, JohnBLN2007Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, LIS
Choksy, CarolIUPUI2008-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1987
Colon, CarlosBLN2006Adjunct Lecturer
Ed.D, 2004 Indiana University Instructional Systems Technology
1984 Indiana Universiy, MS
Courtney, AngelaBLN2005-2011Adjunct Associate Professor
M.L.I.S., University of Texas at Austin, 1995, LIS
Cox, SteveBLN2006-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Davenport, ElizabethBLN2006-2007Visiting Scholar
Ph.D., University of Strathclyde, 1994, LIS
Dekydtspotter, Lori LynnBLN2008-2011(Rare Books Cataloger, Lilly Library)
MLS, Indiana University, 1999, LIS
Denslaw, DebraIUPUI2008-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MS, Univ. of IL, 2003
JD, Valparaiso, 1989
Donovan, CarrieBLN2007-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 1999, LIS
Dowell, ErikaBLN2006-2009Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2000, LIS
East, PatBLN2007-2008, 2010Adjunct Lecturer
B.A., Wabash College, 2000, English>
Eppert, RichardIUPUI2006-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Eskew, Philip N.BLN2005-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2003, LIS>
Farris, LindaBLN2006-2011Adjunct Assistant Professor
J.D., Indiana University, 1988, Law
Gemmill, LaurieIUPUI2002-2009Adjunct Lecturer
MLIS, UCLA, 1995
Gilman, ToddIUPUI2011-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Goehlert, RobertBLN2006-2008Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D Political Science, Indiana University, 1981
MLS, LIS Indiana University, 1976
MA, Political Science Indiana University, 1972
Harrison, GarryBLN2006-2011Adjunct Lecturer
 Conservation coursework, 2004+
Heidenreich, TheresaBLN2009-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2008, LIS
Helling, JohnBLN2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2006, LIS
Helling, WilliamBLN/IUPUI2001-2012Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., Univ. of Kansas, 1986
MIS, IUPUI, 1998
Holman, StephanieBLN/IUPUI2003-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 1989, LIS
Hooten, PatriciaIUPUI2010-2010Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., IUPUI, 1989
MLS, IUPUI, 1970
Irvine, B.J.BLN2007Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph.D., Indiana University, 1982
MLS LIS, Indiana University, 1982
Jackson-Brown, GraceBLN2005Adjunct Lecturer
Johnson, JenniferIUPUI2007-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2011
Johnson, LarryIUPUI2003-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., IUPUI, 2001
Ed.S., Eastern Illinois, 1976
Jones, ChristinaBLN2007-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2003, LIS
Jones, ChristinaIUPUI2010-2011Adjunct Lecturer
B.S., IUPUI, 1991
Kamoji, LindaBLN2005-2008Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2000, LIS
Kibreah, GolamIUPUI2011-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1981
Kiess, ChristopherIUPUI2010-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2006
Knapp, WendyIUPUI2003-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2002
Koppel, KataIUPUI2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2005
Kramer, ElsaIUPUI2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2005
Kramer, KymIUPUI2003-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., IUPUI, 2011
Laughlin, SaraIUPUI2004-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MLS , IUPUI, 1985
Leach-Murray, SusanIUPUI2007-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2003
Lemmer, CatherineIUPUI2011-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLIS, Univ. of IL, 2005
J.D., Univ. of Wisconsin, 1989
Lindseth, ErikIUPUI2000-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., Edinburgh Univ, Scotland, 1992
MLS, IUPUI, 1999
Liss, JenniferBLN2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2006, LIS
London, SusuanIUPUI2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
AMLS, Univ. of MI, 1986
Malcomb, LouBLN2006-2008
MLS, Indiana University, LIS
Mannan, SusanIUPUI2005-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., Indiana State Univ, 2003
MLS, IUPUI, 1967
Marley, KristinIUPUI2010-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Univ of CA, 2006
Marley, SueIUPUI2010-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1975
Marshall, ChrisIUPUI2003-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2001
McGowan, JulieIUPUI2002-2010Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., Univ. of South Carolina, 1991
MLS , Univ. of Maryland, 1970
McGriff, NancyIUPUI2004-2007Adjunct Lecturer
MSLS, Ball State Univerisy, 1974
Meehan, BillBLN2006Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2005, LIS
Meho, LokmanBLN2011Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 2002, LIS
Meyer, ElizabethIUPUI2005-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2003
Mills, LindaIUPUI2002-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1977
Mitchell, ConnieIUPUI2005-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1992
Moeller, RobinBLN2006Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., Indiana University, In progress, Education
Monnier, CynthiaBLN2007Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 1993, LIS
Monnier, CynthiaIUPUI2010-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1993
MBA, Wayne State Univ., 1976
Morgan, JenniferBLN2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 1995, LIS
Morrison, AndreaBLN2005-2011Adjunct Assistant Professor
MLS, Indiana University, 1991, LIS
Mullin, ShirleyIUPUI2002-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MA, Univ. of Denver, 1969
Murphy, MiriamIUPUI2002-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1987
JD, IUPUI, 1985
Nytes, M. JacquelineIUPUI????-2007Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Univ. of Wisc. , 1975
Ojala, MarydeeIUPUI2004-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Univ. of Pittsburgh,
Okada, EmilyBLN2006-2009Adjunct Assistant Professor
M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1976, LIS
Oldenkamp, DavidBLN2006Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Syracuse University, 2003, LIS
Oliger, YvonneBLN2005Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 1982, LIS
Palmer, KristiIUPUI2006-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2003
Passett, JoanneIUPUI2004-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., Univ. of Wisc. IUPUI, 1999
Ph.D., Indiana University, 1988
MLS, IUPUI, 1980
Patterson, PatrickBLN2009-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2006, LIS
Pearson, WandaIUPUI????-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1983
Plaskoff, JoshIUPUI2002-2011Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., IUPUI, 2008
Poray, ReannIUPUI2004-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1990
Porter, DotBLN2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, University of North Carolina, 2002, LIS
Ramlo, CynthiaBLN2006-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MIS, Indiana University, 2002, LIS
Rich, ShellieIUPUI2011-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2010
Riley, JennBLN2007-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2003, LIS
Shankar, KalpanaBLN2011Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., UCLA, 2002, LIS
Simpson, ChristopherBLN2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS., LIS, Kent State University, 2004
M.A., History, Marquette University, 2004
Slott, KathrynIUPUI2007-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Kent State Univ, 2004
Sowell, StevenBLN2005, 2008Adjunct Lecturer
Ed.D., Indiana University, 2008
Stamatoplos, TonyIUPUI2000-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 1989
Steffens, MichaelIUPUI2011-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2010
Taylor, SaundraBLN2006-2008Adjunct Assistant Professor
Thomas, AmieIUPUI2004-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2005
Threatt, MoniqueBLN2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 1999, LIS
Tweedy, JonathanBLN2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MIS, Indiana University, 2008, LIS
Vought, VirginiaBLN2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2008, LIS
Walters, CarolynBLN2007Adjunct Lecturer
 MLS, Indiana University, 1985
Warner, JulianBLN2006Adjunct Lecturer
D.Phil. M.A., Oxford University University of Sheffield, 1984, English and Literature Librarianship
Wead, AdamBLN2006-2008Adjunct Lecturer
MIS, Indiana University, 2005
White, AnthonyBLN2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2003, LIS
Williams, CherryBLN2009-2011Adjunct Lecturer
M.A.MLS, University of Chicago UCLA, 2005, Art History LIS
Winterman, BrianBLN2006-2011Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2003, LIS
Witt, MichaelIUPUI2009-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, IUPUI, 2006
Wray, ChristinaBLN2009-2010Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Indiana University, 2008, LIS