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Table 3.7 Courses and research interests of full time lecturers and tenure-track faculty fall 2005-fall 2011

Faculty Member Courses Taught
Research Interests
Albee, BarbaraS502 - Collection Development and Management
S504 - Cataloging
S505 - Evaluation of Resources and Services
S631 - Advanced Cataloging
S632 - Technical Services
Academic libraries, organization of information, online and distance education, technology in education, open source initiatives
Applegate, RachelS505 - Evaluation of Resources and Services
S552 - Academic Library Management
Library evaluation, academic librarianship, academic outcomes assessment
Ball, MAry Alice S541 - Information Policy, S554 - Library Systems
Information and technology policy, digital libraries, scholarly communication
Börner, KatyS604 - Structural Data Mining and Modeling,
S637 - Information Visualization
S662 - Interface Design for Collaborative Information Spaces
Information visualization, data mining, date modeling, 3-D collaborative virtual environments, human-computer interaction
Chen, Hsin-LiangS516 - Human-Computer Interaction
S556 - Systems Analysis and Design
S652 - Digital Libraries
S662 - Interface Design for Collaborative Information Spaces
Digital libraries, digital museums, human-computer interaction, ICTs and information services, instructional technology
Copeland, AndreaS501 - Reference
S506 - Introduction to Research
S524 - Adult Readers Advisory
S553 - Public Library Management
Information behaviors, public libraries, digital preservation
Cronin, BlaiseS710 - Doctoral Research Practicum
Scholarly communication, citation analysis, informetrics, strategic intelligence
Day, Ronald E.S501 - Reference S521 - Humanities Information
L597 - Readings on the Political Economy of Information and Communication S604 - Philosophy and Critical Theory of Information
The critical and cultural theory of information, documentation, and knowledge
Ding, YingS511 -Database Design
S519 - Evaluation of Information Systems
S604 - Metadata and Semantics, S636
Semantic web, webometrics, information retrieval, knowledge engineering, citation analysis
Ekbia, HamidS516 - Human-Computer Interaction
S518 - Communication in Electronic Environments
S603 - Introduction to GIS, S603 - Agent-based Modeling
S604 - Modeling and Simulation of Human Social and Organizational Behavior
S666 - Concepts and Contemporary Issues in Human-Computer Interaction
Health IT, social informatics, mediation
Fichman, PninaS542 - International Information Issues
S551 - Library Management
S552 - Academic Library Management
Virtual groups and online communities, ICTs and cultural diversity, social reference and virtual reference services
Hara, NorikoS514 - Social Aspects of Information Technology
S518 - Communication in Electronic Environments
S519 - Evaluation of Information Systems
S532 - Information Architecture for the Web
S556 - Systems Analysis and Design
Communities of practice, knowledge sharing, collective action with ICTs, social informatics
Herring, Susan C.S543 - Computer-Mediated Communication
S544 - Gender and Computerization
S604 - Content Analysis for the World Wide Web
S641 - Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis
Computer-mediated communication, web analysis, gender and information technology, culture and information technology, discourse
Irwin, Marilyn N.S502 - Collection Development and Management
S506 - Introduction to Research
S571 - Materials for Youth
S622 - Resources and Services for People with Disabilities
Access to information in all formats, particularly for people with disabilities
Jacob, Elin K.S503 - Representation and Organization
S515 - Information Architecture
S633 - Indexing
S634 - Metadata
S635 - Ontologies
Representation of knowledge, including theories of classification and categorization; indexing systems as cognitive scaffolding; design, implementation, and evaluation of ontologies and metadata schemes; information architecture; philosophy of information
Lamb, AnnetteS532 - Information Architecture for the Web
S574 - Information Inquiry for School Teachers
Educational technology, literature-technology connections, information inquiry, graphic inquiry, trans-media learning environments
Lipinski, Tomas A.S541 - Information Policy
Information law and policy, legal issues affecting libraries and archives, copyright and licensing, free speech and privacy in a broad context, cultural rights and privacy
Liu, XiaozhongS534 - Information Retrieval - Theory and Practice
Information retrieval, natural language processing, text mining, knowledge management, human-computer interaction, digital libraries
Manuel, JoyceS501 - Reference
S521 - Humanities Information
S524 - Adult Readers Advisory
History of the black visual artist and library collections of these artists in academic, public, art school, and museum libraries
Meho, LokmanS501 - Reference
S505 - Evaluation of Resources and Services
S522 - Social Science Information
S533 - Online Searching
Citation analysis, informetrics, scholarly communication, social network analysis
Milojević, StašaS503 - Representation and Organization
S515 - Information Architecture
Science studies, scholarly communication, scientometrics, bibliometrics, social network analysis, representation of knowledge, scientific classification
Nisonger, Thomas E.S502 - Collection Development and Management
S505 - Evaluation of Resources and Services
Collection development/collection management, journal ranking, use of bibliometric data for evaluation, and library evaluation in an electronic environment
Paolillo, JohnS506 - Introduction to Research
S604 - Statistics for Information Science and Usability
S604 - Semantic Web
Online social networks, Computer-Mediated Communication, the Semantic Web, multilingualism and the Internet, statistical models and quantitative research methods, computational linguistics, information retrieval, sociolinguistics, and South Asian languages
Park, Taemin KimS504 - Cataloging, S631 Advanced Cataloging
Organization of digital resources, information retrieval, scholarly communication, serials
Preer, Jean L.S502 - Collection Development and Management
S551 - Library Management
American library history, intellectual freedom, professional ethics
Robbin, Alice R.S506 - Introduction to Research
S513 - Organizational Informatics
S541 - Information Policy
S701 - Introduction to Doctoral Research in Information Science
S706 - Introduction to Research
Information policy, resource management, and technology; social and organizational informatics, including information behavior in complex organizations; qualitative and quantitative research methods
Rogers, YvonneL642 Concepts and Contemporary Issues in HCI
Human computer interaction, interaction design, computer supported cooperative work, external representations, external cognition, pervasive environments, interactive visualisations, interactive learning environments, ethnography
Rosenbaum, HowardS510 - Introduction to Information Science
S512 - Information Systems Design
S532 - Information Architecture for the Web
S603 - XML
S640 - Seminar in Intellectual Freedom
S643 - Digital Entrepreneurship
Social informatics, e-business, information architecture, computer-mediated communication, managers and information in organizations, information policy and electronic networking, the intersection of sociological and library and information science theory
Schilling, KatherineS551 - Library Management
S573 - Education of Information Users
S604 - Topics in Library and Information Science
S653 - Health Sciences Librarianship
Development and clinical and organizational implementation of health informatics (health IT) applications, the impact of clinical decision support tools decision making by patients, providers, and administrators
Shaw, DeboraS502 - Collection Development and Management, S522 Social Science Information
Information seeking and use by humanities scholars and other specialized user groups; and design and impact of electronic information sources
Sugimoto, Cassidy R.S505 - Evaluation of Resources and Services
S604 - Scholarly Communication
Bibliometrics and scholarly communications, LIS education and history, user services
Walsh, John A.S604 - Digital Humanities
S652 - Digital Libraries
Digital humanities; digital libraries; the application of digital technologies and media formats to transform traditional humanities scholarship and to create new creative, collaborative, and experimental modes of scholarly discourse; semantic web and metadata technologies as discovery and analysis tools; digital editing and textual studies.
Xia, JingfengS501 - Reference
S506 - Introduction to Research
S522 - Social Science Information
Digital scholarly communication, GIS for library management, social science information
Yang, KidukS511 Database Design
S517 Web Programming
S534 Information Retrieval: Theory and Practice
Information retrieval with emphasis on leveraging human knowledge for information discovery on the Web.