Sonali Atram

Degree: Master of Information Science, current student

Career: EIS Analyst - Enterprise Applications with Hillenbrand Inc.

What is your job title and what are your primary job duties?

I am an EIS Analyst with Hillenbrand Inc. My primary job duties include, but are not limited to, supporting the technical needs of Hyperion and SharePoint environments, identifying and implementing best practice standards, developing and installing a governance framework, and creating innovative solutions to drive business value using these tools.

What is your educational background, especially your ILS degree and specialization area?

I received my Bachelor’s degree from IUPUC in Business-IT. I am pursuing a Masters of Information Science from ILS at IU Bloomington.

How has pursuing a graduate degree with ILS impacted your career choice?

While searching for graduate programs of my choice, I was drawn to ILS Information Science degree because of its variety of courses offered which looked relevant to the current job market. Once I started with the degree I realized it was the best decision. The program emphasizes student’s learning and understanding, and the professors are engaged with students and are always willing to help any way they can. After taking the Systems Analysis and Design class and a directed study as a team member under Prof. Noriko Hara, I knew I wanted to be an Analyst. I always loved working with people and solving their technical issues, and after learning and working for real clients during these classes, it felt like a perfect career choice.

What has helped you the most from your graduate degree studies with ILS?

As most of the courses are project based, hands-on, and emphasize the importance of working in a team, I have gained confidence to work in the real world as well as in a team.

Did you have any previous background working in this field before obtaining your current position?

I have worked as a CAD Administrator for the last five years for Faurecia, based in Columbus, IN, but did not work as Systems Analyst before. Previous work experience has helped me in understanding the corporate environment more quickly and in picking up soft skills along the way.

Do you have any tips for current students?

For prospective students, especially graduate students, it is very important to focus on their career choice and work towards it. Having a focus helps in landing a dream job. Also, try to work and gain experience in the field of your choice in the form of internships, volunteer work, etc. Doing more than what is required during these two years will definitely get you noticed.