Student Advisory Council

What is it?

The ILS Student Advisory Council (SAC) provides direct communication between students and the administrators of the Information & Library Science Department. The department solicits advice from students in order to participate in the formulation, modification, and implementation of policies affecting academic and student affairs (per the American Library Association Accreditation Standards).

Who is involved?

One representative from each of the active ILS student groups will serve on the council including at least one representative from each of the ILS programs (and at least 2 from the MLS program). The members of the Student Advisory Council will be formed in the beginning of the Fall semester, at which point all ILS students will be notified who the council members are. The ILS Administrative Assistant, Jesse Elkins, will assist the council members in council set-up; arranging meetings; distributing pre-approved funds for events, initiatives or proposals; and gathering meeting minutes. The ILS Chair will meet with either the entire council or a spokesperson at least once per semester to hear student concerns.

When does it meet?

The SAC meets twice per semester. Lunch or dinner will be provided at least once per semester.

How do you benefit?

Serving on the council will provide an opportunity to share with the administration concerns of highest priority to students. Your role as a council member will be to offer insights on how the program may better support your educational experience at IU. Participation can enhance your resume; provide connections for future references; provide the chance to meet new friends; and, of course, provide at least two free meals a year. Student groups will also receive an extra $250/year to support their events and programming.

Want to join us?

Join one of the many ILS student groups and notify the group leadership that you would like to be the group’s SAC representative. Students not on the council are encouraged to speak with council members with any of their concerns, suggestions, and feedback about the department.